Interview to Suzue Miuchi on NHK BS
(January 24th 2005)

Information from the NHK website

(translated by Masasumi)

Maya Kitajima is a very common girl, but she is gifted and talented in drama. She intensely rivals Ayumi in getting the role of "Crimson Celestial Nymph." The publishing of the manga began on 1976 and it still continues. Today, we have 41 volumes published. Suzue Miuchi is preparing to publish the 42nd volume after an interval of six years. When she was a junior high school student, she surprised all the school by showing her genius for making stories. But she fell into a slump in her youth. She is looking for the climax of "Crimson Celestial Nymph" by trial and error. She talks about the secrets of her creation. The then editor in chief, who discovered the talent of Miuchi who was a junior high school student, speaks of the genesis of the manga.

A summary of the interview

( written by User and translated by Giko )

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