Suzue Miuchi - Other Works

Youkihiden (The Legend of Mysterious Queen)

The Evil Spirit Princess This is the story of the 13-year old Tsubasa Akimoto, who after the mysterious death of her best friend Tako started investigating a series of death cases, all related to the same subway line and a shopping center (owned by the same company). Thanks to a cute blind guy (Hisahide Kuyo) with mediumistic powers, inherited from his family, she found out that all the murders were connected to the celebrations for the 1000th birthday of the Evil Spirit Princess, come back to destroy the last descendant of the enemies (accidentally, this was Kuyo) and to rule the world. Tsubasa and Kuyo The wonderful evil princess and her subjects (who were employees of the shopping center) were actually dead, but their souls were kept in some beautiful dolls. In this way, they got eternal youth. The Imperial Palace could be reached at a subway station which was hidden during the days. Everyone who discovered this secret (including Tako) was murdered and eventually turned into a subject of the Princess. Kuyo and Tsubasa managed to destroy all the dolls and escape. Something nice came from this terrible story: Tsubasa likes Kuyo, and he could hear her thoughts thanks to telepathy...


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