Suzue Miuchi - Other Works

Amaranth no Jouou (The Queen of Amaranth)

Mara The Queen of Amaranth is a legendary marvellous diamond. It is said that it used to bring good luck, money, fame to all the women who owned it, but then they all lost everything and died poor, sad and lonely. Nobody knows where it is... Mara is a student at Edward College. Like her best friend Helen, she can't pay the school fee, but both the girls are allowed to attend the lessons thanks to some scholarships. The money is donated by the father or Matilda, one of the richest girls in the college. The man is a rich jeweller, and his daughter Matilda is spoiled and she acts like a princess, while Mara and Helen sleep in the garret and they have to serve their luckier school mates. One day, Mara founds a beautiful jewel, which she thinks is a fake... Actually, it is the Queen of Amaranth! Matilda The girl's behaviour is changing. The simple shy girl is turning into a haughty queen, and she is luckier and luckier in life and business. She becomes very rich, popular and loved by the people; a prince asks her to marry him...But... At the happiest moment, the legend becomes true: a lot of bad events happen, and Mara ia charged with being responsible for damages and death of innocent people! Her friend Helen, who loved her even after all, warned her that the jewel must be the Queen of Amaranth. At the beginning Mara laughed at this warning, but finally she figures out that she must get rid of it, because she doesn't like what she became. Just in time! Things get back to normality, Mara is exculpated,and the Queen...Is laying under the sea... Goodbye Queen of Amaranth!


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