Suzue Miuchi - Other Works

Yuki no Hi (A Snowy Day)

Mariko and Satoru Mariko Makimura is a beautiful girl. When she was 4 and her brother Satoru was 6, an accident occurred when they were playing hide-and-seek. The little girl was hidden behind a stack of wooden boxes. While Satoru was looking for her, some snow fell over his eyes, blinding him momentarily. He fell on the stack of boxes, which in turn fell on the little girl. That night, Mariko overheard her parents talking about her and discovered that not only had she run the risk of not being able to walk, but that she had been adopted at the age of 2. Since that day, Mariko has been pretending not to know that Satoru wasn't her real brother. Meanwhile, Satoru has always felt responsible for that accident. He has always protected and cuddled his sister, despite the fact that she is slowly recovering the use of legs. If Satoru knew Mariko was not his sister, he would probably not care about her so much... Mariko has loved him, and not only as a brother, since she was 4! Mariko and Satoru On the other hand, since his last year of high school, Satoru has been dating Yuka Asagiri, the most beautiful girl of the school! It's a snowy day and the two brothers are alone at home: the airplane their parents have to take is late because of bad weather conditions, and their maid is visiting her daughter and will sleep over her house. Satoru asks Mariko to go out to ice-skate: he taught her to skate when she was 12. Actually Satoru organized a date with Yuka and with his best friend, who wants to date Mariko. When the girl understands that, she is a little sad, but she accepts dating his brother's friend. Then Mariko, Yuka and Satoru go home to cook dinner. Mariko is jealous: she wanted to spend the evening alone with her brother... Yuka While watching the news, the two brothers learn that the airplane their parents took disappeared... They don't know if it crashed... Yuka tries to cheer Satoru up. During the evening, Mariko confesses to Yuka her feelings for Satoru. Later Yuka asks Satoru about his feelings... He confesses that he likes her, but he doesn't love her! He is in love with Mariko! He has loved her since he was 6, when he found out she has been adopted. While Satoru is telling Yuka about his love, there is a black out... Yuka silently goes out of the room and asks Mariko to take her to the exit door... Then with an excuse, she sends her back to the room where Satoru is... In the dark, Mariko can listen to Satoru's words! When the light is back, Satoru realizes that it's not Yuka but Mariko who is listening! Later, the news says that the airplane which Satomi's parents took is safe... A new day is starting... The sun is melting the snow... One day, Satoru and Mariko will tell their parents about that snowy day...


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