Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 23

Selections for Ayumi's co-star.

Nittei Theatre. Third Sunday of September. Audition for Ayumi's antagonist.
First selections day, first subject: poison.
It's Maya's turn. the other candidates didn't do anything remarkable.
Maya doensn't just perform the lines, but she creates a little play thanks to pantomime: everybody understands she is in a kitchen, she is thinking of pouring the poison in the dish she is cooking, and that the person whom she wants to kill is in the other room. At the end, she changes her mind and hides the poison again. But we don't know if and when she will use it - her ace in the hole.
Without changing the script, she created an original and unique monologue. Her performance was outstanding and both the jury and the other candidates are deeply impressed.

Second subject of the first test day: music.
The girls have to use a popular song, which has been used for a TV commercial, and do whatever they want with it. The track lasts 2.5 minutes. The candidates are happy. Everyone of them is good at dancing... Everyone but Maya! So the girl prepares for this test in a different way: she listens to the song carefully. Then she asks for some shoe polish and she uses it to dirty her face and clothes. She ties a handkerchief on her head. What is she going to do? After the other candidates' exhibitions with different dance styles, it's Maya's turn. The girl is not going to dance. She will pantomime a girl painting a wooden fence... She follows the rhythm of the music! Her performance is really funny, and the jury claps their hands. Mr. Kanehira asks her how did she had such an idea. She answers that she thought she would amuse her audience. The other candidates are worried. Their goal was only to cut a fine figure!

Needless to say, Maya passes the first selection!
Hijiri, passing himself off as a reporter, Mr. Matsumoto from the magazine "Seven Journal", interviews Maya: does she have any messages for her fans? Maya is very happy: Hijiri is recording a message for her purple rose fan! She thanks her fans and promises she will never give up. And one last thing:
Please keep supporting me, forever!
Maya asks Hijiri to come interview her again after the second selection.

Second selections day, one subject: arousing emotions.
On stage, there's an actor who performs the owner of a restaurant. He enters from the left, walks among the tables, adjust things, orders to play music and goes away. This is an emotionless scene. The candidates have to take part in the scene and play together with the other actor, but they can't interfere with him. They can use their imagination, and they can decide what emotion they want to arouse in the audience.
The candidates are scared, but this time it's Maya who thinks it's an easy test!
Anyway, Ruri Egawa offers to be the first one. She wants to express sorrow: she sits at one of the tables and she is sad for her boyfriend who stood her up. It's a good performance.
Maya looks rather excited. Moreover, she notices that Hijiri is watching her!
Maya interprets a kid hiding from some armed people looking for him: it's a scary play. Definitely much better than Ruri Egawa's performance.
The other candidates are shocked. They don't know what to do.
Maya offers to perform again with a different subject! The other ones hardly believe it. Anyway, the other candidates have to do something. Michiru Yukimura tries to perform a singer in the restaurant, but she cuts a rather bad figure.
The other candidates asks for some time. Maya is happy to perform again!
This time, she makes a funny play, a parody: she becomes the waiter's shadow! She follows him, making the same poses or sometimes the opposite ones. She's great!!!
And she is ready for a third different scene!

Tsukikage sensei comes to take a look and she is informed that Maya has already performed twice and is going to create an other different scene.
The woman laughs a lot:
Arousing emotions from a whatever scene is the thing she can do best. She can go on performing different scenes, 3, 10, 20 times, no, for a whole day! Because she's got 1000 masks! Ok, I have already seen enough!
And she goes away, rather pleased.
And after that, Maya peforms other different scenes (with a total of 7), each with a different subject. The other candidates give up.

At the jury meeting, it's decided that there will not be a third selection! Maya Kitajima is the best!

Mr. Kanehira calls Ayumi and informs her that Maya will be her co-star; he tells her about her great performances at the selections. Ayumi is excited:
Finally she is in front of me!

When the jury announces that Maya has been selected, the other candidates are not disappointed at all. They clap their hands at Maya and congratulate with her. Maya is moved!
Hijiri is impressed: Maya turned her enemies into fans of her! What an extraordinary girl!
Maya is overjoyed. She releases an interview to Hijiri/Matsumoto asking his fans to come watch her play...

Tsukikage's experiment.

Nittei Theatre. Meeting of the Production Manager and staff. The roles must be assigned. Tsukikage shows up and she has something to ask... At the same time, the actors meet in the same theatre. The play is going to be presented.
It's time to announce how the roles have been assigned...
Maya and Ayumi can't believe what they have just heard. And neither do the rest of the people in the room: Ayumi will perform Oligerd and Maya Ardis! What? Ardis was a perfect role for Ayumi! What has Maya to do with the beautiful lucky elegant Ardis? And Ayumi with the evil lonely Oligerd? Tsukikage, who will perform the king's mother Hardra, smiles...


Original story by Suzue Miuchi. Synopses by Francesca.
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