Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 33

Kuronuma's success.

The second show of "The forgotten wilderness" conquers the audience.
Mai entered late, without visiting Sakurakoji. She is standing up next to the exit door... She thought she would suffer too much to see the two partners working together so well... She suspected that Sakurakoji is still in love with Maya... But after watching the show she realizes that the two partners are just involved in the performance...
Shiori really loved the play. She claps her hands loud. She is sure that Masumi Hayami is interested in Maya only as a very talented actress...
At the curtain call, Maya is the most popular actress... Sakurakoji is happy for her, though he envies her a little...
Tsukikage sensei goes away right after watching the show. Maya and Ayumi meet out of the theatre, while looking for her.
Ayumi admires Maya from the bottom of her heart. She felt not very self-confident while watching her wolf-girl. She wonders is she would be as good as her... She congratulates sincerely with Maya.
The members of Arts Festival Committee and the Jury of the National Drama Association are very impressed. Mr, Fujimi, the chairman of the company which sponsors the Arts Festival even wants to congratulate personally with Maya.
Kuronuma asks them all to come see the play again in 5 days...
Later, Kuronuma is informed that his play is admitted to the Arts Festival Competition! The talented director congratulates with Maya: he is very happy, though he can't help thinking that he has to thank Masumi Hayami for this. Maya thinks of what Mizuki said to her the last time they met, but she still cannot understand why Masumi planned this all.
Eisuke Hayami comes to see one of the shows. He congratulates with Maya, who still doesn't know his identity. She just remembers she met the old man at the railway station.

Shiori and Masumi have dinner at the restaurant. Shiori tells him how much she loved "The forgotten wilderness" and she asks Masumi if he is interested in Maya as an actress: she didn't imagine she was such a genius!
Masumi confirms that. His father's dream (and his dream as well) has always been to put "Kurenai Tennyo" on stage again, and Maya is one of the candidates for the leading role. Eisuke Hayami even founded Daito Art Production to product "Kurenai Tennyo"!
A waiter informs Masumi that there is an urgent phone call for him. Masumi's informers found out that Tsukikage is in Tokyo to stage her play. She even found a sponsor! Masumi is furious! They have to stop her at any cost!
Chigusa Tsukikage... If she weren't there, the royalties for "Kurenai Tennyo" would be mine!... "Kurenai Tennyo" will be mine! Mine! It will be me who produces it, not my father, but me!
Shiori saw everything; she is upset: she has never seen such a dreadful look in Masumi's eyes! Why is "Kurenai Tennyo" so important for the Hayamis?

Kuronuma's play has a big success at every show. Every 5 days, the director puts on stage a different interpretation of the play: first it's a comedy, then a tragedy, then a satire, then a tender love story, etc... Every time the theatre is packed and many people wants to watch all the different versions of the play. The chairman of the National Drama Association is really impressed by Kuronuma's genius and by Maya's talent.

Chigusa Tsukikage's decision.

The sponsor abandoned Chigusa Tsukikage: the poor woman has no evidence, but she knows it's an other trick of Masumi Hayami's. Tsukikage sensei talks to the chairman of National Drama Association. He is an old friend of her, and he always supports her. He suggests Tsukikage to let the National Drama Association decide for the best way to stage "Kurenai Tennyo": too many companies besides Daito wants to get the royalties, only the National Drama Association could protect Ichiren Ozaki's masterpiece!
Tsukikage sensei doesn't know what to do... Can't she really be completely indipendent? Suddendly she has a hart attack.
Maya, Ayumi and Masumi Hayami are immediately informed. They meet at the Hospital. The woman has to be operarated!
Maya is waiting at the hospital, while Ayumi has to go because she is busy with some shootings. Masumi Hayami gives some coffee to Maya and sits next to her. He makes her talk about Tsukikage: Maya is grateful to that woman because thanks to her she found out that there is something she is good at... That there is something you can fall in love with so much that you dedicate your whole life to it... Masumi sweetly looks at her. Then Maya asks him why he is at the hospital. Masumi provokes her saying it's just business. Maya gets angry, and Masumi says that it's better angry than sad... Maya is confused: maybe this is his way to cheer her up?
Masumi goes away.
"Kurenai Tennyo"... I envy that girl... Now I understand that it's her soul which enchants me. She burns with such a passion... I envy the passion she lives her life with... A reason for living... What has my life been so far? Have I ever lived my life revealing who I really am? Since the day I became a member of Hayami family... Since when I was a child I've understood what my destiny would be...

Chigusa Tsukikage's health conditions are critical. She is in a coma! Maya calls Ayumi. The two actresses and the other actors of Tsukikage and Unicorn Company are at her bedside now. Tsukikage is about to die... Ayumi Himekawa shouts at the sensei that she cannot die:
You can't leave us this way! I don't want to perform "Kurenai Tennyo" that way! I've been dreaming of interpreting it since I was a child... I've always reached for any goals with my efforts... But since I know Maya Kitajima, I've been feeling a sense of defeat... I want to believe in myself... In my strenght... In my zeal... Please Tsukikage san, let this girl compete for "Kurenai Tennyo"! If I win without a fair competition with her I would not believe in anything! Until she is my rival, I will not be able to interpet "Kurenai Tennyo"!
Maya can't believe what Ayumi is saying...
The sensei is dreaming of meeting Ichiren Ozaki... But her soul mate is not reachable yet:
Please Chigusa, give eternal life to "Kurenai Tennyo"...
Chigusa Tsukikage opens her eyes... In that moment, Masumi Hayami enters the room. Everyone is relieved for the escaped risk.

Ayumi has to go. Maya is still shocked for what she said. Ayumi smiles:
Didn't you realize it? I've always envied you!

Masumi Hayami tells Maya she is very lucky: she still has a chance to perform "Kurenai Tennyo". He teases her a little but after all, he tells her very kind words. He is truly happy for her!
Hayami leaves the hospital.
Tsukikage san... If you leave now it will be trouble... To make "Kurenai Tennyo" completely mine, I need your strenght! Only you can have the true "Kurenai Tennyo" performed!

Every single show of the play "The forgotten wilderness" has a big success. The news talk a lot about it. Eisuke Hayami is watching the TV at home.
Maya Kitajima... An interesting girl... And if Masumi is so attached to her, there must be a reason... Her passion in acting is the same as the young Chigusa Tsukikage's... Chigusa... My Kurenai Tennyo...

The Arts Festival is over.
Chigusa Tsukikage took a decision. She will leave Tokyo, and she will go to the valley of "Kurenai Tennyo" with Genzo. In the meantime, the National Drama Association will safeguard "Kurenai Tennyo". The chairman of the National Drama Association will reveal where Chigusa Tsukikage is only to the candidate(s) to "Kurenai Tennyo", after the Arts Festival Award-giving Ceremony.

The Arts Festival Award-giving Ceremony.

Arts Festival Award-giving Ceremony.
Maya is very nervous. She keeps promising herself that she will never stop acting even if she doesn't win any prizes. Sakurakoji stands by her side. Masumi Hayami watches her from a distance:
Maya, in this occasion there is nothing I can do... I can neither put my hands on your shoulders, nor cheer you up... I can just look at you as I am doing... Whatever the result is, I wish you knew that the purple roses in my heart didn't wither... And they will never do, until you are on stage...
The award-giving has started.
"Isadora" by Osawa Production wins for best scenography and best script.
Special award for beginner actors: Yu Sakurakoji.
Best director: Ryuzo Kuronuma.
Best Show: "The forgotten wilderness".
Best Actress: Madoka Enjoji, "Isadora".
Maya is more and more nervous. Masumi can't take his eyes off her...
The first prize of the National Drama Association goes to... Maya Kitajima!
Maya can't believe it! It's a dream! Masumi and Ayumi are truly happy for her.
The chairman of the National Drama Association announces that the 2 girls will join Tsukikage sensei in the land of "Kurenai Tennyo" and that the National Drama Association will safeguard the production of the play.
Onodera gets mad, while Masumi seems incredibly calm... It seems like he has already a plan to monopolize the play...

There's a party after the ceremony. Masumi congratulates with Maya and toasts to her success... He teases her, and Maya gets mad at him... He laughs a lot and goes to talk to other persons.
The girl is delivered a bunch of purple roses. Sakurakoji and Kuronuma are surprised that her fan is always so informed about her... How is it possible that he already knows that Maya won the award?
Maya reads her fan's message:
Your wolf-girl Jane in "The forgotten wilderness" was amazing. The scene where she became aware of her human feelings, while seizing Stewart's blue scarf was really touching... Your fan
BLUE scarf? Maya is upset. The scarf was blue only at the first show, after which it has always been red... The only person who saw the blue scarf was... The only spectator...
Masumi's words come to her mind: he said he promised he would come to the play...
And also, Hijiri's words: Your purple rose fan always keeps his promises...
Maya lets her bouquet fall down... She can't move nor say a word. She just keeps looking at Masumi Hayami from a distance. She trembles.
It can't be... Is it you... My purple rose fan? Hayami san...


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