Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 38

Chigusa Tsukikage's biography.

Chizu was a pretty little girl without a family. Together with other children, she helped a couple of thieves. Since she was pretty, she was destined to become a prostitute when she grew up. But when she was 7, she was stopped in the changing room of a theatre where she entered to steal. Ichiren Ozaki, rich and talented director and playwright, protected her and decided to take her with him to Tokyo. The little girl moved to Ichiren's theatre, Gekko Theatre. She helped the cleaning woman, and she had food to eat and a place to stay. In his spare time, Ichiren taught her to read, to write, good manners and so on. She was a very clever student! Ichiren's company ended up with loving her. They were all kind with her! Kiyono, Ichiren's wife, was a little disappointed that Ichiren helped the little thief... But Ichiren wanted to make her happy at any cost, taking all the responsibility. Chigusa overheard their conversation, and she promised herself she would never be trouble for her sensei. The little Chizu was taught by the actors of the company Japanese traditional dance and arts... Soon she started performing little roles of children on stage. She was very talented! Ichiren was a severe teacher, but she was so happy when she praised her that she resisted any rehearsals. At the age of 16, Chizu performed her first leading role: Diana, the goddess of the moon. Everyone was impressed by her beauty; Chizu saw on Ichiren Ozaki's face an expression she had never seen before! The play was a success. Ichiren Ozaki gave her the stage name "Chigusa Tsukikage", saying that the moonlight suited good on her. Then, Chigusa interpreted Ayaka in "Kaen", a woman secretly in love with her father's student, Takao. Ichiren's wife and son came to see the rehearsals. In the scene Chigusa was rehearsing, Ayaka was climbing down the stairs hand in hand with Takao, while her father and her fiance were downstairs. The two had to keep silence, hiding their feelings. Ichiren was holding Chigusa's hand explaining her what is in Ayaka's heart: her relationship with Takao was just a souls meeting, since she were not allowed to get married because they belonged to different classes... In that moment, Chigusa understood that Ayaka's love was the same as her love for the sensei... She could perform the role perfectly. Chigusa kept improving and she became very popular. She even starred in many movies. But she never left the Gekko Company. During the II world war, the theatre lost many actors and the army didn't let the theatres perform foreign plays. Ichiren's family moved to the countryside. Ichiren didn't want to leave his theatre, and only Chigusa remained with him. She saved him when he was injured by the bombings, but then he disappeared. The young actress started looking for him, asking her relatives for info about him. Finally she got to know about the Valley of Red Plum Trees, in the countryside of Nara: she immediately left for that land... When she arrived, she found in a old mountain temple the script of the play Ichiren was writing: "Kurenai Tennyo". She met him in the Valley of Red Plum Trees, while he was playing flute. Ichiren saw her and "Kurenai Tennyo" at the same time: Chigusa was the perfect actress for the role. To train her, Ichiren made her interpret the four elements: wind, fire, water, ground. Chigusa confessed her love to him while interpreting Yaoya's fire, but he understood and ignored her feelings... Chigusa finally realized that her sensei loved her only as an actress! So she decided to be indispensable for him, at least as an actress. And indeed, not only the first show but all the next shows were incredibly successful! The Gekko Theatre got many financings, and many plays were performed again. Chigusa was always the leading actress. Genzo, who was a walk-on, became her assistant. "Kurenai Tennyo" was performed on a regular basis and everytime the theatre was packed. Chigusa expressed her gratitude to Ichiren for saving her by the street life, but Ichiren objected that she saved him after the war... She was the other half of his soul! This was the only relationship between Chigusa and Ichiren, but it was enough for her.
Then one day, Eisuke Hayami appeared. He was the manager of Daito shipping company. He fell in love with "Kurenai Tennyo" so much that he went to see all the shows. He kept sending Chigusa presents and inviting her to dinner, but the actress always rejected him: he had to understand that Chigusa Tsukikage and "Kurenai Tennyo" are not the same thing. One day he offered to help with promoting "Kurenai Tennyo" in the whole Japan: thanks to his shipping company and his connections he monopolized the shipping, the promotion, the theatre insurance of the play. He was good at business and he became indispensable for the Gekko Company. After this success, Eisuke started buying theatres and staging any kinds of shows. Many of his connections were members of Yakuza and many people from the Gekko Theatre company lost their money gambling. Ichiren broke up with Eisuke Hayami. Hayami didn't understand much about theatre, but he started producing many shows and employing many actors, even from Gekko Theatre Company. With such an enemy, Ichiren had not many chances.
Soon he had to ask for loans. Eisuke Hayami offered him a lot of money for the royalties of "Kurenai Tennyo" but he didn't accept. Later some merchant bankers, sent by Eisuke, suggested him some investiments... He ended up with going bankrupt. Some yakuza even set fire to Gekko Theatre... Because of stress, Ichiren fell sick. The Gekko Company definitely broke up. Hayami tried again to obtain the royalties for "Kurenai Tennyo", but Ichiren sent him away. Ichiren's family abandoned him... Only Chigusa remained by his side. She promised him that "Kurenai Tennyo" would be on stage again. In the meantime, Daito Art Production became more and more influent and powerful in the whole Japan. He even bought Gekko Theatre!
One day, Chigusa confessed her love to Ichiren. He was moved by her feelings: even if she was much younger than him, even if she could be employed by many companies, even if he went bankrupt... She never abandoned him! The two became lovers for a night. But the day after, Chigusa found that he hung in the changing room... She wanted to commit sucide, but Genzo stopped her: Ichiren left her the royalties for "Kurenai Tennyo"... She had to perform it again!
So, Chigusa worked with competitor companies of Daito and she made allies with many politicians and powerful businessmen; she became a very popular talented actress. Even Eisuke Hayami gave up asking her for the royalties of "Kurenai Tennyo".
Then, one day, a spot light fell down and injured Chigusa Tsukikage on the face...

Chigusa Tsukikage wakes up. She finds Genzo, Ayumi and Maya and some nurses asleep next to her futon. It was not the time to reach Ichiren yet...

The last test in the Red Plum Trees Valley.

Many people arrived from Tokyo to visit Eisuke Hayami: Shiori Takamiya, Hajime Onodera, Kei Akame, and some managers. Masumi announces them that his father is going to spend some time in the land of "Kurenai Tennyo"... Eisuke blushes and coughs. All the people there would like to see the Valley of Red Plum Trees one day... Eisuke doesn't answer them. When they are not in the room, he talks to Masumi:
Masumi... Protect "Kurenai Tennyo". Don't let them ruin the Valley of Red Plum Trees... And take care of Chigusa Tsukikage...

The actors of Unicorn and Tsukikage company come visit Chigusa Tsukikage. They camp in the mountain village for a while. Maya is so happy to meet them again!
While Maya spends the day having fun with them, Ayumi tries to study and understand the text of "Kurenai Tennyo" for the last test.
Ayumi is very disappointed at Maya: she is not worrying about the rehearsals at all!
In the evening, Chigusa Tsukikage wants to talk to the girls: she asks them what they think about the words the Crimson Goddess says. Ayumi tried to understand them the whole day. Maya... Well, she hasn't thought of their meaning very much... She just wondered how to perform them... Why? Well, because it's not a human being, but the Crimson Goddess who says those lines...
Later, Tsukikage talks to Genzo:
Did you hear, Genzo? Very interesting! Ayumi took the lines as an actress, Maya as the Crimson Goddess! Tomorrow's rehearsals will be very interesting!
That night, Ayumi doesn't want to sleep in the same room as Maya:
While I was trying to understand the Crimson Goddess, she tried to express her! This is the difference between us!

The day after, Tsukikage asks the Unicorn and Tsukikage companies to help them. They all go to the sacred Valley of Red Plum Trees. Each member of one of the two drama companies will interpret a spirit of nature: echo, wind, flowers... And also the ogres protecting the valley... In the meantime, Maya and Ayumi will have to perform "Kurenai Tennyo". It is a funny game for all of them, but for Maya and Ayumi it is a test. They have to stand still until the sensei claps her hands: in that moment the Crimson Goddess will wake up from a deep sleep and shows up to the spirits.
Tsukikage sensei waits for a long time before clapping her hands. In the meantime, Ayumi gets more and more nervous. The sensei tells Genzo to notice how, as the times passes, Ayumi listens to her heart more and more, while Maya is forgetting about it!
Finally Tsukikage claps her hands. Ayumi immediately starts performing an enchanting and graceful goddess. It takes a while before Maya starts performing: she heard absent-mindedly Tsukikage's sign, and for a while she can't move. Then, she emits a supernatural sound which impresses anyone. Tsukikage sensei is excited! She promts Maya the lines...
Ayumi is shocked. Definitely she is not a genius! She has talent and experience but... She would never be able to be equal to Maya! She hates that girl from the bottom of her heart!
In the night, Ayumi decides to go home. She lost to Maya! Tsukikage sees her packing her luggage.
Anyway, before leaving for Tokyo, Ayumi wants to go to the Valley of Red Plum Trees for the last time. A man stops her: because of humidity, the brige is dangerous! Some wooden parts are rotten, and if she walked on it she would surely fall down!
So, Ayumi doesn't go. In the meantime, Maya arrives to the bridge. She felt such a strong power in her body: she wants to play "Kurenai Tennyo" one more time in the red plum valley!
Ayumi should stop her... But then... She hides... If Maya crossed that bridge... "Kurenai Tennyo" would be... She just has to shut up... She hasn't seen anything...


Original story by Suzue Miuchi. Synopses by Francesca.
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