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Riyoko Ikeda Born in Osaka on December 18th, 1947; the eldest of 4 brothers. She wanted to study music but she applied to the school of philosophy at the Tokyo Educational University. While attending the university, she started working as a waitress but then she preferred to draw mangas. Her debut as a mangaka was "Bara-Yashiki no Shoujo" ("The girl from the rose mansion"), published in 1967 in the magazine Shoujo Friend. Riyoko Ikeda's style was initially deeply influenced by Osamu Tezuka (as far as the characteristics of the female heroine, the thoroughness in details, the classical board layout) but it soon started becoming more and more original. Her best and most popular work is "Versailles no Bara", published in 1972, but she showed us her great talent also with other mangas: besides her masterpiece, the excellent "Orpheus no Mado" and "Oniisama e" are rather popular, and not only in Japan. Nowadays, Riyoko Ikeda abandoned her mangaka activities to study music and she became an opera singer. But her mangas are still so famous that they are part of Japanese culture. Ask any Japanese if s/he has ever heard of Riyoko Ikeda!

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