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I personally think that Riyoko Ikeda is one of the best manga writers ever. Her masterpiece, Versailles no Bara was the responsible of my interest in manga; it's still one of my favourites. Orpheus no Mado is a more mature work, as far as the long and complicated plot is concerned. Personal opinions apart, it is not inferior to Versailles no Bara. The drawings are simply perfect in both the works. The plot of Orpheus no Mado is long but perfectly developed, the characters' psychology is described very well, only the genius of Ikeda sensei could do such an excellent job!
I decided to create a website about Orpheus no Mado because I realized that it is not as popular as it deserves. Being the owner of the approved Orpheus no Mado Fanlisting I often receive emails asking me for info about the manga. So I have been thinking of creating a fan site with all the info I could find for a very long time. Anyway, I am already very busy keeping and updating several websites and I made up my mind only when my friend Cecilia suggested me that we can make a website together. She is very smart and good at writing reviews, and I am very proud to have her synopses and reviews here. Dear visitors, I hope you'll enjoy it here and leave feedback! :)
Francesca ~ webmistress

Credits: All the images are © Riyoko Ikeda, Shueisha. This is a non-profit fan site, no copyright infringement intended. All the images have been scanned and edited by Francesca from manga and artbooks she owns. Layout, general info and graphics by Francesca. Summaries, characters' profiles, essays by Cecilia. We worked very hard to share our passion with you. Please respect our work, don't steal! If you need to use some images from this website ask Francesca for permission first and give her credits. In any case, please DO NOT direct link images.
Thanks: I want to thank Cecilia for helping me so much with this project and Riyoko Ikeda sensei for making this all possible :) A big hug to Angela for her help and support!


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