Isaac Gotthilfe Weischeit The first boy to see Julius through the window of Orpheus is a poor but extremely talented young pianist, who studies at the St. Sebastian with a scholarship. Unluckily, Isaac doesn't perform in his life's choices the same talent he shows in playing piano: he's an introvert, shy, irresolute person, and his choices will almost always turn against him. Declaring his love for Julius only when she's irremediably compromised with Klaus, he loses her forever. After that, he receives a bunch of favourable proposals, but he stupidly rejects them. His sense of honour makes him marry a wanton prostitute, Roberta, who will disappoint him deeply and eventually ruin him. Furthermore, Isaac's senseless use of a doubly heavy hammer while playing piano lead his fingers to lose sensibility and he has to give up his prodigious career as a pianist.


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