Julius von Alensmeier

Julius The protagonist of our story is a young lady (the story starts when she's 15), obliged since her birth to dress and to act like a male, in order to get her father's heritage. Unlike Lady Oscar, Julius' nerves are extremely frail and she's not able to live concealing her nature forever. Instead, this condition of living as a permanent transgender provokes in Julius serious derangements and outbursts of hysteria: sometimes she really seems gone crazy. She is always suspicious of the people around her and in the end she's an obstacle to her own happiness. Her life is eventually a failure: compelled to commit crime, unable to keep her lover, Klaus, with her, or to find solace in another's arm, be he Isaac, Davidt or Yusupov, Julius has to witness helplessly to her family's ruin and destruction, to the death of all her beloved ones and finally to amnesia.


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