Hermann Virkrich

Hermann Virkrich Son of Eleonore Frenzdorf and earl Theodor von Beringer. After the slaughter of his parents, Ernest (Hermann's real name) was raised by his grandfather, the Headmaster of the Saint Sebastian, and was taught to hate the Alensmeier family. Become professor of piano at the St. Sebastian, he plots to kill Julius but fails twice. His shrewd secrete nature hides his real character to us and even after his death he remains a shadowy, mysterious figure. He met Renate von Alensmeier through the window of Orpheus when they were young and even after many years the love of Orpheus' window is so strong that he decides to die with her, whom he calls "Kriemhild". Loved by Maria Barbara, for a period Virkrich is also the object of Annelotte's attentions.


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