Wilhelm Backhaus Wilhelm Backhaus was born in 1884 in Leipzig. He studied piano at the Academy of Music of Leipzig, though his first teacher was his mother, who was a pianist. In 1898, after a trip to Frankfurt, he became favourite student of Eugène D'Albert, talented pianist e composer, who was very famous for his Beethoven interpretations. At the age of 16, he had his first concert tour in Europe. In 1905 he got the Nicolai Rubinstein Prize in Paris. In 1912, he had his first concert in the USA, in NY, and then in South America, Asia and back to Europe. He moved to Lugano in 1930, where he spent the rest of his life doing playing the piano. He died for a heart attack in 1969. Mr. Backhaus had a very simple life. It is said that when they asked him why he didn't spend some time doing something he liked, he answered: 'I am already doing it!'

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