Rasputin Grigory Yefimovich Rasputin (1872-1916) was so mysterious and so evil that he ended up to be even a very interested and fascinating subject to study and analyze. He was a poor and ignorant, and he embraced a sect which allowed him the most corrupted and scandalous conduct. In spite of this all, he managed to conquer the Tsar's and Tsarina's trust, thanks to his presumed ability as a mystic healer. Since he was the only one who managed to stem the Tsar's son's loss of blood (the boy suffered from haemophilia), the Tsarina was extremely grateful to him till the end. Rasputin became the most powerful person in Russia, nobody could even say anything about his corrupted behaviour. He had complete control on every Tsar's decision. He was finally murdered by a group of court conspirators: outraged Nicholas and Alexandra punished all of them.

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