The Revolution

Russian Revolution in Dates
1905 January - Bloody Sunday - Tsarist troops open fire on a peaceful demonstration of workers in St Petersburg.
1905 October - General Strike sweeps Russia that ends when the Tsar promises a constitution.
1905 December - In response to the suppression of the St Petersburg Soviet the Moscow Soviet organises a disastrous insurrection that the government suppresses after five days.
1906 - The promised parliament, the Duma, is dissolved when it produces an anti government majority even though elected on a narrow franchise.
1911-1914 - A new wave of workers unrest ends with the outbreak of the First World War.
1917 February - After several days of demonstrations in Petrograd (formally St Petersburg) the government orders troops to open fire. The next day these troops mutiny. The Tsar abdicates when he hears that Moscow too has joined the Revolution. An agreement is reached between the Petrograd Soviet and the Provisional Government headed by Lvov.
1917 March 12th - Abolition of the Death Penalty.
1917 April 18th - Milyukov note. Milyukov tells allies that war aims are unchanged.
1917 April 20th - 21st - The April Days. Opposition to the Foreign Minister Milyukov boils over due to his refusal to renounce annexations.
1917 May - Milyukov resigns. Members of the Mensheviks and the Socialist Revolutionaries join the government.
1917 June 3rd - First All-Russia Congress of Workers and Soldiers Soviets opens.
1917 June 18th - Offensive launched by Russia against Austria Hungary.
1917 July 3rd and 4th - The July Days - Workers and soldiers in Petrograd demand the Soviet takes power. Sporadic fighting results and the Soviet restores order with troops brought back from the front. Trotsky arrested. Lenin goes into hiding. A new provisional government is set up with Kerensky at its head (8th).
1917 July 12th - Death Penalty reintroduced for the front.
1917 August - The Kornilov putsch. An attempt by General Kornilov to establish a right wing dictatorship is a disastrous flop. Chernov the leader of the Socialist Revolutionaries resigns from the government denouncing Kerensky for complicity in the plot.
1917 September - The Bolsheviks win control of the Petrograd Soviet. In the countryside peasant seizure of land from the gentry continues and reaches the level of near insurrection in Tambov.
1917 October - The Bolsheviks overthrow the Provisional government on the eve of the meeting of 2nd All-Russia Congress of Soviets.
1917 October 26th-27th - Soviet proclamations on land and peace. Death Penalty abolished.
1917 October 30th - Kerensky repulsed outside Petrograd.
1917 November 2nd - Bolsheviks gain Moscow.
1917 November 7th - Ukraine proclaimed independent by the Central Rada.
1917 November 12th-14th - Elections to the Constituent Assembly. Socialist Revolutionaries the largest party.
1917 December 12th - Left-SRs join Sovnarkom.
1917 December (early) - Congress of Socialist Revolutionaries results in victory for the left under Chernov. Likewise Menshevik Congress gives victory to Martov's Menshevik internationalists.
1918 January 5th - The Constituent Assembly in which the Bolsheviks are a minority meets for one day before being suppressed. Earlier that day a demonstration is fired on by Bolshevik units and several demonstrators are killed
1918 January 10th-18th - 3rd Soviet Congress
1918 January 28th - Trotsky denounces the German Peace Terms as unacceptable and walks out of the peace negotiations at Brest-Litovsk.
1918 February 1st-14th - Russia adopts Western (Gregorian) calendar.
1918 February 18th - The Germans invade Russia that is all but defenceless as virtually the entire army has deserted.
1918 March - The Bolsheviks accept the dictated peace of Brest-Litovsk. The Left SRs denounce the peace and leave the government.
1918 April 12th - Moscow headquarters of the anarchists surrounded and attacked by Bolshevik troops
1918 May 9th - Bolshevik troops open fire on workers protesting at food shortages in the town of Kolpino.
1918 May (late) - The Czechoslovak legion mutinies against the Bolshevik government. Using the railways they are able to sweep away Bolshevik control from vast areas of Russia. The Socialist Revolutionaries support the rising.
1918 July - Fifth Soviet Congress. The left SRs assassinate the German ambassador and are in turn crushed by the Bolsheviks.
1918 July 16th - Gorky's Novaia Zhizn, the last opposition paper, banned.
1918 August 23rd - 3 ministers of the Siberian Government are arrested by supporter of Mikhailov, the finance Minister, when they arrive in Omsk. They are told to resign their posts. Two agree. The third, Novoselov, refuses and is hacked to death.
1918 September 22nd - Siberian Oblast Duma dismisses Mikhailov and does Mikhailov disperse itself.
1918 November 18th - Kolchak stages a coup against the Directory, the multi party government in Siberia, and establishes a counterrevolutionary despotism.
1918 December - Perm falls to Kolchak's Whites.
1919 January - Mensheviks legalised and allowed to publish Vsegda Vpered in Moscow. Era of relative freedom begins in Bolshevik controlled Russia.
1919 February 25th - The Cheka closes down Vsegda Vpered. This marks a return to despotic rule by Bolsheviks.
1919 - White Armies attack the Bolsheviks from all directions but the Red Army is finally victorious.
1920 April 25th - Poland invades Russia.
1920 August 19th - Start of peasant insurrection in Tambov.
1920 November 14th - Last White army under Wrangel evacuates the Crimea.
1921 - Peasant unrest sweeps Russia. These risings are suppressed but the New Economic Policy is proclaimed that gives the peasants the right to sell their grain surpluses.
1921 March 1st-17th - The old Bolshevik stronghold of Kronstadt rises, demanding free election to the Soviets but is suppressed.
1921 May - Tambov insurrection suppressed.
1924 - Lenin dies. A triumvirate of Stalin, Kamenev and Zinoviev defeats Trotsky. Though Stalin stays in the background, he is the real power, as the other two will shortly discover.

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