Regensburg, Germany, 1903.
Talented male students attend the catholic S. Sebastian music institute. There's a legend about one of the tower's windows, called 'the window of Orpheus'. It is said that every student who sees a woman from that window will desperately fall in love with her, and their love will end tragically, as it happened to Orpheus and Eurydice in the famous Greek myth.
Klaus and Isaac, two of the best students of the S.Sebastian Institute, both see Julius from the window of Orpheus. There is no need to take it serious: the legend talks about a woman while in the institute there are only men... Moreover, nobody knows what would happen if two men saw the same woman!
This is just the beginning of the story. Whether the legend is true or not, Julius', Klaus' and Isaac's lives will get tangled to each other until the end.
You will meet many characters in this long and complicated story, and all of them have their own importance for the events' development. From Germany, you'll follow Klaus and Julius even to Russia during the revolution... It's impossible to describe in details the perfectly planned plot of this great manga, so we hope that after visiting this site, reading the synopses and watching some beautiful galleries, you'll understand that Orpheus no Mado is a must–read for everyone who loves high–quality shoujo manga. Definitely, another masterpiece by the author of the inimitable 'Versailles no Bara'.

Francesca & Cecilia

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