♣ Orpheus no Mado:
The Orpheus no Mado Fanlisting ~ by Francesca (English)
Das Fenster von Orpheus (English)
Orpheus @ Shoujo Manga Outline ~ by Martina (Italian)
Orpheus's Window @ Manga World ~ by Lia Cyntia (English)
Eurydice's the Window of Orpheus (Korean)
R Galleria ~ by Reica (Japanese)
Orpheus Forever ~ by Lady Raimond (French)

♣ Others:
Riyoko Ikeda's Official Site (Japanese)
Dreams Addict ~ Francesca's Domain (English)
Maya no Garasu no Kamen ~ Francesca's Garasu no Kamen Fan Site :) (English)
Ami Ami Prod ~ Cecilia's Site (English)
On Bended Knee ~ Cecilia's Harry Potter Fan Site (English)
Versailles no Bara Forum ~ by Laura (Italian)
Blog Elberethdelioncourt ~ by Elbereth (French)
Ikeda Riyoko Italian Forum ~ by Julius (Italian)
Mon Coeur ~ by Kodemari (Japanese)
Riyoko Ikeda Fansite ~ by lLuca (Italian, English, French, Spanish, German)
Lady Oscar Multimedia Site ~ by Anas (Arabic)

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