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Chapter 1 – Two new students

Regensburg, Germany, autumn 1903.
Two new students arrive at the musical institute "Saint Sebastian": Isaac Gotthilfe Weischeit (15) and Julius Leonhart von Alensmeier (15).
Isaac is a poor student, admitted to the school with a scholarship; Julius comes from the noble family of Alensmeier. Both Isaac and another student, Klaus zon Maschmidt (17), see Julius through the window of Orpheus, a special feature of Saint Sebastian. The legend of the institute tells that if a boy sees a girl through the window of Orpheus, they will love each other passionately but their love will end as tragically as Orpheus' love for Eurydice did. And, even if Klaus and Isaac don't know it, Julius is indeed a girl disguised as a male.
Julius' family is filled with secrets and plots. Julius' mother, Renate (36), is the second wife of Herr Alensmeier and was once his lover; she has forced Julius to behave as a male in order to get the vast heritage of the Alensmeiers. Herr Alfred von Alensmeier has two other daughters from the first marriage, Maria Barbara (29) and Annelotte (22), who shall be deprived of their part of the heritage if Julius, as the first male son, becomes the new head of the Alensmeier family. Alfred von Alensmeier is, in fact, irremediably ill and everybody expects him to die at any moment. Renate is obliged to hide Julius' true gender also because of the blackmailing of Doctor Jarn, Julius' personal doctor, who extorts money from her. Dr. Jarn would like to marry Renate after Herr Alensmeier's death.
At Saint Sebastian, Julius shares her lessons with Isaac, who is incredibly talented as a pianist, Klaus, who studies violin, Moritz (15), offspring of the extremely rich family of Kippenbergs, and Davidt (18), a cello student. Moritz despises Isaac because of his talent and his poorness, and he wants to put a spoke into Isaac's wheel. They all study musical composition with professor Hermann Virkrich (35), a mysterious man who, in one occasion, shows a murderous intent toward Julius.

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