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Chapter 2 – Klaus' secret

Although Moritz tries to prevent it, the Christmas concert is a great success for Isaac.
Klaus leaves for the Christmas holidays with his presumed fiancée, Arlaune, and Julius is very sad.
One night Dr. Jarn threatens again Renate and tries to rape her, but Julius, to protect her mother, kills him with a paper knife. Julius and Renate bury Dr. Jarn's corpse in the garden and burn all his possessions. From this moment on, Julius' fate has been settled. Haunted with the homicide, her psyche begins to shatter. She begins to suspect Jacob, Annelotte's servant, of knowing something about her crime. Moreover, she sees him in company of professor Virkrich. During a party given by the Alensmeiers, Renate sees professor Virkrich and she recalls the unfortunate love that united them through the window of Orpheus some 16 years before. During the party, Moritz meets Friederike (14), Isaac's sister, and insults her. Isaac reacts. As conclusion, the Kippenbergs exclude the Alensmeiers from fluvial transport through the city. This is only another shock to Alensmeiers' collapsing finances.
When the lessons start again with the New Year (1904), Klaus doesn't come back school at once and Julius, terribly worried, understands she's in love with him. But it's Davidt who tries to smooth her and kisses her. In the meanwhile, Moritz has a crush for Friederike and he goes everyday to buy all of the vegetables she sells at the market.
For Carnival, the Saint Sebastian institute organizes a theatrical staging of the Song of the Nibelungen and a parade. Julius is chosen to play the role of Kriemhild. In an outburst of rage, she cuts all her hair in front of her classmates. Klaus comes back to school and Julius finds in his room some copies of the Iskra (a magazine published by Lenin during 1900–1903) and a photo, dated 1900, showing Arlaune and a boy called Dimitrij Mihailovic. In dire straits, Klaus reveals Julius the truth: he's Russian, his true name is Alekseij Mihailovic and Arlaune was the fiancée of his brother Dimitri, killed some time after the photo was taken.

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