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Chapter 3 – The incident at Carnival

Isaac and Klaus are chosen to play with the orchestra of Regensburg at the Opera House for Easter, by the help of Bernhardt Schorz, Headmaster of Frankfurt Musical Institute, who had listened to Isaac's performance at Christmas. They will play Beethoven's piano concerto no. 5 in E flat "Emperor".
Julius realizes that her attachment for the piano is very different from Isaac's devouring passion. Moritz starts to date with Friederike. He's truly in love with her, but his attitude is completely wrong and he insults Friederike's dignity every other moment.
A police detective goes to Alensmeier house to investigate about Dr. Jarn, who he believes was a spy for England.
Carnival arrives and the Saint Sebastian puts on the Song of the Nibelungen. However, Julius, who plays Kriemhild, is wounded on stage by a real sword and during the parade a masked man, who we after discover is professor Virkrich, kidnaps her. Julius is saved by the intervention of Klaus, who takes her to a hidden sanctuary called the Walhalla, where he and Arlaune hide from Russian tsarist agents. While he takes care of fainted Julius, Klaus discovers she's a girl.
Masked Virkrich flies away and meets Renate. During their love days he called her "Kriemhild" and he doesn't know she's now Herr Alensmeier's wife. Maria Barbara, who loves Virkrich since ages, fears that Renate and the professor will marry after Herr Alensmeier's death. Julius understands that it was Virkrich who kidnapped her during the parade.
Friederike confesses Gertrud, Julius' personal maid, that she's not Isaac's biological sister and that she's always been secretly in love with him. Klaus reveals Isaac, to his shock, that Julius is a girl. Isaac finds out that Friederike dates with Moritz and he's angry with her.
Herr Alensmeier eventually dies and everybody suspects it was a murder. Julius becomes the 14th head of the Alensmeier family and she receives a key she can use when she comes of age to open Herr Alensmeier's private vault, kept at the Reich Bank of Frankfurt.

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