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Chapter 4 – Isaac's future

The detective tells Julius that the inquiry about her father's death has been interrupted by an order from high quarters. Then the detective questions Isaac about Julius.
Moritz learns that Isaac has been chosen for the Easter concert and he's furious. He and his mother, Frau Kippenberg, will try every trick to thwart him. As first threat, Frau Kippenberg drives Friederike out of Kippenberg house and she stops Friederike from getting any job. Fiederike is fired out from the market and the only job she finds is as waitress in a filthy pub. Her health begins to decline and she coughs up blood.
In an outburst of jealousy, Maria Barbara threatens Renate with a gun, until Julius intervenes. Virkrich knows that Maria Barbara has seen him in a pub with Jacob and he tries to soothe her by inviting her to Easter ball, after the concert. We discover that Virkrich's true aim is to exterminate the Alensmeiers.
Frau Kippenberg tries to bribe the Saint Sebastian counsel so that Moritz could play in the Easter concert, but Virkrich defends Isaac's choice. Therefore Frau Kippenberg prevents them from using the Opera House. Begging the orchestra director, Isaac and Klaus obtain to play the concert in the city Park. In spite of Frau Kippenberg's complaints, the concert is a huge success and Isaac receives the praise of Katharine von Brennel (15), a noble girl whom he gives piano lessons and who's in love with him. Frau Kippenberg is outraged and she cuts off Isaac's scholarship. Mr. Schorz offers Isaac the chance to study with the Wiener Philharmoniker (the Orchestra of Vienna), but he refuses in order to stay with Friederike and with Julius. After learning she's a girl, Isaac believes Julius is his predestined lover through the window of Orpheus. Julius, Maria Barbara and Annelotte, one secretly from the other, have a detective to investigate over Jacob. They discover he's the son of the butler of the von Beringer, a wealthy Bavarian family now extinguished. With the Kippenbergs against him, Isaac is not able to give more piano lessons and during the summer he starts to play the piano in an inn.
The new school year (1904–1905) starts with Klaus avoiding Julius. Isaac realizes they're desperately in love with each other, but he can't understand why Klaus doesn't declare his feelings to the girl. Davidt comforts Julius, depressed. Klaus receives a letter from Arlaune and he sets off to help the comrade Andrevich, who is bringing them false passports from Russia.

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