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Chapter 5 – Julius' secret

Comrade Andrevich dies drowned in the Rhine. Klaus leaves the Saint Sebastian. Julius runs after him and they finally fall into each other's arms. Klaus takes her to Munich, to von Beringers' house, now inhabited by the von Egenolfs, Arlaune's family. Arlaune tells Julius that Bismark's agents killed Theodor von Beringer, suspected of being a spy during Bavaria's annexation to Prussian Empire, with all his family. After declarations and promises of love, Klaus leaves Julius asleep in the house and he and Arlaune set out to Russia.
Friederike falls ill and she stays in bed, whence she will never lift up again. Katharine asks Isaac if he wants to marry her, but he denies. In the meantime, at the inn, Isaac meets a young prostitute, Roberta (16), who feels attracted to him.
Annelotte is found with a man, Joachim, who is believed to be her lover. As a matter of fact, Joachim is Annelotte's brother. However, Annelotte demands her faithful servant Jacob to kill him. Julius follows Jacob to Joachim's apartment, but when they come there, Joachim is already dead. The police detective arrives there too and he shoots at Julius. With a wounded shoulder, Julius reaches Isaac and Friederike's house, where Friederike's doctor, Dr. Zeden, heals her.
Then Dr. Zeden tells Gertrud, Julius' maid, that she's a girl. Gertrud, who has always loved Julius, is shocked. She even understands Renate's plan to disguise Julius as a boy so that she could inherit von Alensmeier's estate. Julius finds out that Gertrud knows her secret, and she threatens her. That same night, Gertrud is found in the garden, torn to pieces by the watchdogs. Maria Barbara kills the dogs. She begins to believe that a curse hangs over the Alensmeier family.
Professor Virkrich doesn't want Isaac to play at the Christmas concert: working at the inn, Isaac is ruining his fingers and wasting his talent. Isaac imparts Katharine his last piano lesson and leaves her. For the first time, Katharine feels herself burning with delusional love for him.
Renate discovers in Alfred von Alensmeier's diary some missing passages concerning 1881–1882, when Annelotte was born. Someone sets fire to her room and Isaac saves her just in time.

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