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Chapter 6 – The death of Friederike

Julius declares Virkrich her suspicion that he is actually Theodor von Beringer's son Ernest, believed to be dead when the family was exterminated in 1874. The person that ordered the slaughter was Alfred von Alensmeier, Julius' father. In his desire for revenge upon the Alensmeier, Virkrich invites Renate to the Saint Sebastian and throw her out of the window of Orpheus. Too late, he recognises in her the Kriemhild he so adored in his youth and tries to save her, but they both collapse from the window and die together.
Friederike, vexed by Moritz until the end, finally dies surrounded by Isaac, Julius, Katharine and Dr. Zeden. Only after her death, Isaac discovers that she wasn't his biological sister.
The death of Friederike is the turning point for Moritz's character: he leaves the Saint Sebastian to work with his elder brother, and, at the Carnival party, he announces his official engagement with Bettina Hanzemann.
Isaac recovers his scholarship, however he continues to work at the inn. He is chosen to play Siegfried in the usual Saint Sebastian's performance for Carnival. Isaac finds the false sword, stolen from the previous year's play, in the Headmaster's office.
Julius was understandably destroyed by her mother's death, and she's now shaken by Friederike's departure. She suffers from selective amnesia and tends to behave as if Renate and Friederike were still alive. Thinking of Klaus is her only solace. Davidt gives her the Stradivari violin belonged to Klaus.
For a glass of wine, Roberta's father sells her to a neighbour who rapes her. Julius seems quite jealous of the trust Roberta puts in Isaac; to reassure her, Isaac declares Julius his love for her in a cryptic way and kisses her.
The impending bankrupt forces Maria Barbara to sell one of their dyeing plant and their Nittenau orchards to the Kippenbergs. She then seeks an agreement with the Abraham und Reinhardt; when she sets out to their firm, her carriage gets smashed and she is carried back home seriously injured.
Annelotte keeps Maria Barbara in bed by poisoning her medicine. In the meanwhile, Annelotte receives by a mysterious wooer, Erwin Ferdinand von Scherbre, a gorgeous necklace to wear at the Carnival party. The party is a mess: the light goes out, Annelotte is accusing of wearing a fake necklace and she quarrels with the other noblewomen.
The police detective believes that it was Jacob who gave Annelotte the necklace, but we actually know that he was the one who replaced the true necklace with a fake before the party.

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