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Chapter 7 – The Headmaster's Confession

While Isaac is on stage playing Siegfried in the Song of the Nibelungen, Julius goes to the Headmaster's office, where Frenzdorf finally tells her all the truth about the von Beringer and the vengeance upon the Alensmeier. Eleonore von Beringer was the Headmaster's daughter, and was slaughtered with her husband Theodor by order of Herr Alensmeier. Frenzdorf took with him Eleonore's son, Ernest (aka Hermann Virkrich) and the son of the von Beringer's butler, Jacob, both aged 5, and he brought them up in the hate against the Alensmeiers. But Virkrich fell in love with Renate and Jacob with Annelotte. It was Headmaster Frenzdorf who killed Joachim, damaged Maria Barbara's carriage and sent Annelotte the necklace to recognize and kill her at the Carnival party, but Jacob replaced the necklace to save Annelotte's life. During his confession to Julius, Headmaster Frenzdorf ingests some poison and dies.
Having listened to the Headmaster's speech through the window, Jacob disappears to nowhere.
In the afternoon, Julius inadvertently causes the Song of the Nibelungen's play to fail and she decides once and for all to leave the Saint Sebastian and Regensburg to follow Klaus in Russia. She's about to leave her house when she catches Annelotte trying to strangle Maria Barbara. We're at the final settlement between Julius and Annelotte, who had discovered Julius' true sex through Isaac. Annelotte reveals Julius that she is the daughter of Colonel Maximilian von Schwarzkoppen, a German officer involved in the Dreyfus affair, and of Herr Alensmeier's first wife; so Joachim was her stepbrother. She did poison Herr Alensmeier to death and tore away the pages of his diary concerning her birth, killed Gertrud, poisoned Maria Barbara, and set fire to Renate's library. She did all this to seize the Alensmeier's estate preserved in the Reich Bank of Frankfurt. Annelotte opens Julius' eyes about Herr Alensmeier: he was a spy for Russia and he massacred the von Beringers because they knew it. In the vault at the Reich Bank there is the secret patrimony the Tsar Nicolaij II committed to him.
Julius poisons the tea Annelotte is drinking and leaves Alensmeiers house while Annelotte is still rattling. She goes to Isaac's house and for a moment she thinks she can just forget it all and find a refuge in Isaac's arms – but soon she remembers Klaus and leaves Isaac and Regensburg for Russia.
Next morning, Annelotte is disappeared and we'll never know if she died that same night or fled somewhere. After 15 days, Isaac leaves for Vienna.

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