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Chapter 8 – Intoxicated with love

With this chapter begins the second part of Orpheus. It is located in Vienna, more light–hearted than the first one and concerning the sentimental relationships between the characters. Isaac has been living in Vienna for one year, attending the Academy of Music and being taught by Professor Schönberg. He gives piano lessons to the three sisters Zeiderhöfer: Ingrid, Malvida and Clara. Malvida is in love with a student of the St. Sebastian, Franz von Hervick, whom she met through the Window of Orpheus. Katharine von Brennel, too, comes to Vienna in order to become a nurse. Isaac meets Amalie Schönberg, daughter of Isaac's Professor, and he starts dating her, even if he hasn't forgotten Julius. He meets also Reinhart von Emmerich, a mysterious student who gives him a devilish piano score. Trying to play that score, Isaac will ruin his hands little by little. Although his soul's heavy with cares, Isaac gives a splendid performance of Handel's Variations during June's concert and he is getting ready for his debut, to be held in January. He asks Amalie's hand to her father and, to his shock, discovers that Amalie is already betrothed. Amalie marries her fiancé and Isaac, deeply embittered (though his relationship with Amalie was never an ideal one), leaves the Academy and wanders looking for a homeless pianist, Josef. Fortunately he meets Wilhelm Backhaus, a prodigious pianist, who encourages him to play piano again. Reinhart explains Isaac the mystery behind the infernal score: he had invented it to ruin his rival, Josef von Hassler. When he was a little boy, Reinhart was obliged to play piano in public dressed as a girl, like a prodigious freak. Ingrid Zeiderhöfer marries Thomas, the man her family chose for her, although she's in love with a servant, Anton.

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