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Chapter 9 – The Coveted Debut

Maria Barbara and Moritz, now working partners, come to Vienna for their business. Moritz is now a married man and a father. At the Opera House, Isaac introduces Moritz to Malvida Zeiderhöfer; Moritz incautiously tells her that Franz is formally betrothed with another girl. Malvida is deranged. Professor Schönberg suggests Isaac a concert tour (Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Regensburg and Munich) before his debut in Vienna, which is postponed to the summer. On the meanwhile, Reinhart's tragedy explodes: his little brother Wolfie discovers that Reinhart has an affair with Flora, his stepmother and Wolfie's biological mother, as a consequence of the denouncement of Elvira, Josef's lover, seeking for revenge. Thus Wolfie kills Reinhart with a gunshot. Reinhart leaves Isaac his scores. Enraged with Isaac, who gave up a frank explanation with her in order to meet Backhaus, Amalie feigns the suicide. At the hospital, Amalie get furious with Katharine too, and she sneaks to Katharine's parents that she's working as a nurse. The von Brennel rush to Vienna, willing to bring their daughter back home, but they have to change their minds when Katharine saves the hospital patients from a fire unintentionally set by Amalie. The doomed Amalie leaves Vienna and she moves to Paris. A successful period starts for Isaac. He tours Germany, gives his debut in Vienna with great acclamation and he wins the Rubinstein prize. Four years pass. At the party for Clara's 15th birthday, Malvida sees Moritz again, while Isaac meets the Russian violinist Anastasia Krijkofskaja. They plan a concert together. Anastasia knows Klaus, and Isaac discovers from her Klaus' true name and that he's Russian. Moritz loses his head for Malvida, who is as like Friederike as two peas, and they have a passionate affair. We meet again Roberta, who is working in Vienna as a prostitute under the nickname of Lily and she's pregnant with one of her client's child. By chance, she picks a piece of paper lost by Anastasia on the street. It is a memorandum for Russian revolutionaries abroad: Roberta is thus arrested and imprisoned as a spy.

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