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Chapter 10 – My fingers don't move anymore!

The concert organized by Isaac, Anastasia and Clara takes place as planned.
Isaac gives Clara Reinhart's diabolic score as a gift for her admittance to the Vienna Academy of Music.
Anastasia gives Klaus' Stradivari to Isaac and she takes leave of him. She confesses to the police her allegiance with Russian revolutionary party and she is extradited to Russia.
Roberta is thus acquitted from her charges but she is confined to a very strict institute for unwed mothers. Exhausted, she escapes and she is succoured by Katharine, but she loses her baby.
Anton, Ingrid's former lover, kidnaps Kieth, the son of Ingrid and her husband Thomas. This dramatic event makes Malvida reflect about her relationship with Moritz and she decides to leave him because she doesn't want to see other families ruined by extra–conjugal affairs. The arrival of Bettina, Moritz's dutiful wife, makes all more simple: Moritz goes back to Regensburg with Bettina and Malvida remains alone, crying. After a while she helpfully meets Franz by chance and discovers that his betrothal was but a fake: so they're free to start a new life together.
Isaac decides to marry Roberta for gratitude in spite of Davidt's objection and the reprobation of the high society. From the very first moment their marriage seems born under an evil star: their education is too different and Roberta's past as a prostitute with vulgar habits soon comes to light. She continues to frequent her old colleagues, makes fuss with them in the street, throws away some of Isaac's books "because they're old" and she takes to gambling. Once Roberta even offers as payment for game's debts a piano interpretation by his husband, with great scandal.
Anyway, in the midst of other contrasts between them, time passes, and we get to the outbreak of World War I.
On June 28, 1914, the archduke Franz Ferdinand and the duchess Sophia are assassinated in Sarajevo, and in 1917 also Isaac has to go to the war. When he comes back home at the end of the war he has still to face the hardest trial: his fingers, severely strained by the excessive exercise, don't move anymore. He is unable to play the piano again! Although Professor Schönberg offers him to stay in the Academy teaching music, Isaac quits the Academy and begins to get into debts. Trying to get some money, Roberta has some of Isaac's concerts published by an unknown publisher, while Isaac had already signed a contract with a famous publishing house. As a consequence, Isaac's contract gets broken and he has even to pay the penalty clause. Furious, Isaac throws Roberta out of their house: he doesn't know that Roberta is pregnant with his child.
Isaac will visit Roberta again only for the birth of their son, Jubel (Jubilation): a few hours after his birth Roberta dies, leaving Isaac alone with his sorrow and regret. Isaac goes back to Regensburg and he meets Julius in the street, some 15 years after the last time he saw her.

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