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Chapter 12 – Love 'n' hate

Julius flees with Anastasia in a coach, but is forced to leave the woman by the intervention of Rostofski, Yusupov's adjutant. Julius continues her escape alone, arriving by chance at the Mihailovic villa; she asks the help of Alekseij's grandmother, but the only answer of the old lady is to hand her over to Rostofski, who takes Julius back to the Yusupov palace.
At the party for the formal betrothal of Anastasia and Strahoff, Leonid Yusupov sneers at Rasputin and incurs the perennial hatred of the devilish monk. From this moment on Rasputin will always try to hinder Yusupov's career. The hostility of Rasputin is also the cause of the first disagreements between Yusupov and his wife Adèle, niece to the Tsar. Yusupov is then charged to suppress a sedition at Minusa, beyond the Ural Mountains.
On September 5, 1905 Russia signs the peace treaty of Portsmouth with Japan in the presence of American President Roosevelt.
Arlaune's revolutionary group debates the division between Bolsheviks and Mensheviks.
Arlaune feels that Alekseij's education is not yet completed and her feeling proves right when comrade Zahar is condemned to Siberia as a result of a fault by Alekseij, who now works in a printery.
To redress his error, Alekseij is sent to the district of Ufa to deliver some documents. The train by which he travels is seized by a platoon of revolutionary soldiers, among whom Alekseij meets Mihail Karnakov, a friend from his childhood. Mihail stands for the Bolsheviks and supports the idea of armed revolt (unlike Arlaune).
The train controlled by Mihail's platoon attacks the train that is taking Yusupov and his troops to Minusa; Alekseij fortuitously saves the life of Ludmil, Yusupov's youngest brother, who was hidden in the train. Out of gratitude, Yusupov lets Alekseij go free, although he had recognised Alekseij's identity.
While Mihail's train reaches his destination, Tovorisk, Yusupov's train is held up in Ufa without weapons and explosive, and his mission seems lost. But Yusupov manages to lay an ambush to the revolutionaries' train on its way back and makes it crash into a goods train; only Mihail saves himself from the explosion. Yusupov gets back to St. Petersburg in triumph.
One day Julius, who had stayed quietly in Yusupov palace after her escape attempt, brings help to Leonid when he has a collapse. Yusupov tells her that he has seen Alekseij in Ufa.
Strahoff gives Anastasia Alekseij's violin – lost by Julius when she arrived in Russia – as a present. Antonia, jealous of her sister's outward happiness, reveals Strahoff that Anastasia is still in love with Alekseij. Seeking revenge on her, on the day of their wedding Strahoff tells Anastasia that it was him who denounced Dimitrij and Alekseij Mihailovic five years ago.
On the meantime, Russia is paralysed by strikes. On October 13, 1905 the Soviet of the workers representatives is established. The Soviet of St. Petersburg is led by Mensheviks, the Soviet of Moscow by Bolsheviks. The Tsar promises to convene the Duma (Russian Parliament).
On November 8, Lenin gets back to Russia after four years of exile. Zubosfky leaves Arlaune's Menshevik group and goes to Moscow to the Bolsheviks. When the workers ask for 8 hours of work by day, bourgeoises dissociate themselves from them. The president of St. Petersburg Soviet, Chrustalev Nosar', is arrested.
There are also rounds–up against Jews and the soldiers kill the mother and the little brothers of Garina, a poor Jewish girl already raped by the head of the factory where she works.
The capitalist factory owner Ustinov, allied with Arlaune, offers his daughter Schula in marriage to Alekseij, but he refuses. Yusupov tells Julius they have found Alekseij's hiding place after Ustinov's denunciation.
Finally Julius understands that Alekseij is involved in revolutionary activities.
Unexpectedly, the soldiers come to Yusupov palace to arrest her too.

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