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Chapter 14 – Escaped!

Antonia is shocked by Mihail's audacity, even more because she recognises in Mihail the faithful subordinate of her husband. She understands that Mihail is in fact a revolutionary that feigns to be a loyal policeman – under the false name of Pavel Lazarev – in order to grab the secrets of the head of the police.
Mihail threatens Antonia to reveal some illegal actions of her husband if she will denounce him. Then he obliges her to give evidence for the release of Zubofsky and other five prisoners from the Krasnojarsk prison. Thus Zubofsky and his five comrades escape from prison and get back to St. Petersburg. There Zubofsky helps Garina, who was reduced to prostitute herself, and gives her the keys of his apartment.
In the meanwhile, Strahoff understands that Anastasia helps the revolutionaries.
By chance, at Madame Corfu's Inn, he sees Yuri Preshkov for the first time after they betrayed Dimitrij, and to relieve his conscience he goes to report Preshkov to the police. As it happens, the policeman he turns to is the same Mihail: to avenge Dimitrij, Mihail stabs Strahoff to death.
Adèle leaves Yusupov and she goes to live with Constantin, who tells her that the target of Rasputin's hatred is now Yusupuv's father, the governor of Moscow.
Yusupov senior is indeed relieved from his post and, what's more, he is assassinated by killers hired by Rasputin on the way back to St. Petersburg. The sorrow of Leonid is immense, his tight self–control cracks and he cries on Julius' shoulders.
After Strahoff's death, Anastasia starts to play in theatres as a violinist, while her group prepares the jailbreak of Alekseij with the aid of Zubofsky and Mihail.
Antonia tries to poison Mihail before he leaves for Siberia, but she fails and she surrenders herself in his arms, won by an intoxicating passion.
Mihail and Zubofsky then go to Siberia as police inspectors in the prison of Akatoi. They organize the escape of all the prisoners, but something goes wrong and a fire breaks out, killing almost all the prisoners and the guards. Anyway, Zubofksy, Mihail and Alekseij survive and are able to escape. Alekseij is thus free again after six years of prison (we should be now in 1911, then).
Prison has definitely changed Alekseij, bringing him to maturity; his comrades' encouragement helped him to forge an iron will for the cause of the revolution and to abandon his old hesitations.
Back in St. Petersburg, Zubofsky and Garina declare their love, while Anastasia leaves for Europe for a tour of concerts (see chapter 9). Yusupov learns that Alekseij is reported to be dead in the Akatoi fire, and Julius recovers bits of her memory listening to Isaac playing the "Emperor" at the radio; Vera tells her other details about her past.
For his part, Rasputin never stops to plot against the Yusupov family. He manages to get Yusupov demoted from being commander of the Tsarkoe Selo Guard to the command of St. Petersburg defence force; moreover the Tsar orders Adèle to divorce from Leonid.
Fallen into disfavour, Yusupov has a false passport prepared for Julius and he tells her to leave Russia and to go back to Germany: for a moment only, he even discloses his true sentiment for her. Although she reciprocates his love, Julius has no choice but to leave Yusupov and Yusupov palace for good. But her coach is assaulted by Rasputin's men; Julius takes fortuitously refuge in Ustinov's country villa, where Ustinov and Kerensky are plotting against the Tsarina and Yusupov.
In the meantime, Anastasia is arrested in Austria as a spy and extradited back to Russia (see chapter 10); during her passage through St. Petersburg, Schula Ustinov meets Alekseij among the crowd. Alekseij rejects her advances again, telling her that the only woman of his life is Julius. That night, Schula makes Julius escape from villa Ustinov with the aim that she would never get back to Russia.
To keep Mihail always with her and away from revolutionary activities, Antonia reveals her husband that Madame Corfu's Inn is a den of revolutionaries.

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