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Chapter 15 – I won't leave you anymore!

While the military police breaks havoc into Madame Corfu's Inn, Alekseij and his comrades wait for the car that brings Anastasia to Siberia. But instead of Anastasia's car they run into Julius' carriage. Julius and Alekseij thus meet again after many years: instantly Julius remembers that she loved him. Alekseij asks Fyodor and Garina to watch over Julius. She reveals to the Bolsheviks what she heard of Kerensky's plots at villa Ustinov.
Mihail understands that it was Antonia who betrayed them, and he despairs. He flees with Antonia to the frontier with Finland and there he shoots her and then kills himself. Such tragical ending of a love story makes Alekseij believe even more that love and revolution are incompatible.
In the meanwhile, between Kerensky and Yusupov starts a deep competition masked under the appearance of an alleance. Kerensky hopes that Yusupov would kill Rasputin, so that he could denounce him and eliminate him. But also Yusupov has his plans. He sends his faithful Rostofksy to the Bolsheviks as a spy.
Garina, who is pregnant with Zubofsky's son, pushes Julius to join the revolutionary cause.
Unfortunately, Garina's house is searched by the military police and Garina is raped till she dies. Her silence saves Julius' life. Faced with such demonstration of love, Alekseij abandons his defences and surrenders to his passion for Julius. They finally make love and begin to live together. Rostofsky reports this news to Yusupov, who gets disheartened.
On June 28, 1914, archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife are killed at Sarajevo: it is the spark for the outbreak of World War I. Despite Yusupov's warnings, Russia (allied with Serbia) enters the war against Austria and Germany. While the Mensheviks endorse the war, Lenin asks the Bolsheviks to bring the war to an end with a revolt. But the Bolsheviks know that the people is not yet ready to a revolt by force of arms.
After a first moment of enthusiasm, war soon strains the Russian people, already weary of economical pressure. Not only the people, but also some generals and politicians ask for the removal of the Tsar and the estabishment of a Council of Ministers. Even Yusupov and his group beseech the Tsar for comply with the people's wishes. But the Tsar, instigated by Rasputin, is inflexible. Yusupov and his group resolve that the time has come to kill Rasputin. Adèle voluteers to invite Rasputin to her house.
During the dinner, Yusupov and his men first poison Rasputin, and then stab him to death.
When the news of the murder of Rasputin begins to spread, Julius finally tells Alekseij that Yusupov had suggested her, during a casual meeting in the street, to leave Russia before February.

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