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Chapter 16 – Julius becomes mother

The Tsarina prays the Tsar to punish Yusupov for the murder of Rasputin, but the court convices the Tsar to leave him uncharged. It comes to light the plan of Yusupov's party: they want to bring down the government, to put the war to an end and to found a "new Russia", still aristocratic and tsarist. At the end of this coup d'état they also want to dismiss Kerensky.
Of course Alekseij doesn't agree to Julius' proposition of leaving Russia.
The Bolsheviks send spies into the army to cause a military insurrection, but thanks to Rostofsky, the spies are arrested. The Bolsheviks begin to suspect Rostofsky and they set him a trap.
Rostofsky would fall into the trap if it wasn't for Julius, who reveals him of the trap without realising it. The suspicions on Rostofsky end.
1917. The war stagnates and the people starve. There are strikes and manifestations every day.
During a raid against a bakery, Julius faints in the street. She is helped by Rostofsky, who brings her back home. For a moment Rostosfky thinks about killing her, so that she can't reveal his connexion with Yusupov, but eventually he gives up. Being informed that Julius' conditions seem very serious, Alekseij resolves to take her to his grandmother's palace. There, the doctor announces that Julius is pregnant. Alekseij and his grandmother are reconciled after many years.
Rostofsky manages to instigate the workers of S. Petersburg to go on strike. As extreme measures, the Bolsheviks give weapons to the people. The army called to put down the rebellion revolts and the soldiers join forces with the people. In the outermost confusion, Yusupov's coup d'état has to be cancelled.
The people, without a leader, are an easy prey for Kerensky's demagogy.
Although the coup d'état failed, Yusupov pleads for the last time the Tsar to establish a Council of Ministers. The Tsar stubbornly refuses. Yusupov understands that this stubborn behaviour means the end for the Romanov. The Tsar orders to dissolve Parliament (Duma), but the members of the Parliament, led by Kerensky, organize into a provisional committee with Cheidze as president and Kerensky as vice–president. On March 3, 1917, the Tsar adbicates. It is the end of the tsarist empire. The royal family is arrested. For Yusupov it's a trauma and a personal defeat. Kerensky urges Yusupov to make the army support the Mensheviks. Alekseij decides to take action, appearing in public for the first time after his imprisonment in Akatoi. However, the Mensheviks get the better of Alekseij's Bolsheviks. Kerensky looks for Julius, for he suspect that she passed Alekseij information about his plans. Lenin comes back to Russia. Kerensky wants to move the Tsar and his family to Siberia. In their very last meeting, the Tsar orders Yusupov to kill Julius von Alensmeier, so that nobody would know of his secret patrimony. Yusupov's feelings for Julius prevent him to fulfill the order of the Tsar.
In the meanwhile, the Bolsheviks are in trouble because Rostosfky has secretly spread pamphlets against Lenin and against Alekseij too, attacked for living with a German woman (Germany being enemy of Russia) and for being an aristocrat.
Yusupov eventually agrees that the army would back the Mensheviks, beginning with a raid against the Bolsheviks. During the fight, Alekseij is protected by Yuri Preshkov, who pays with his life his past betrayal.
The crowd, made furious by the pamphlets, attacks villa Mihailovic, where Julius is hiding.

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