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Chapter 17 – The death of Yusupov

Rostofksy saves Julius from the ferocious crowd and hides her in a safe place. He tells Julius that he's acting on Alekseij's orders (in reality he does so only for Yusupov).
Villa Mihailovic is ravaged and old Vassilissa Mihailovna is killed.
After having stricken that way the Bolsheviks, Kerensky appoints himself Prime Minister.
Yusupov still believes in the possibility of a new coup d'état, aiming to create a military junta that would put back the Tsar on the throne.
Yusupov hopes to find an ally in general Kornilov, returned victoriously from Galizia.
As sparkle for the coup d'état, they plan to set off a false Bolshevik revolt to ask for the intervention of the army. While Vera promises Yusupov that she will watch over Julius at any cost, Ludmil leaves Yusupov palace to join the Bolsheviks.
Rostofsky suggest Julius to write Alekseij a letter, so that they could see each other.
Kerensky comes to know of the arranged meeting and, with Yusupov's consent, he sends soldiers to catch Alekseij in an ambush. Alekseij, disguised as an old man, would however reach Julius unnoticed if it wasn't for Julius herself, who cries out Alekseij's name. The soldiers recognize Alekseij, they chase him, shoot at him, and make him fall, mortally wounded, in the river Neva.
The death of Alekseij stands for the end of the legend of Orpheus and Euridyce.
Julius gives birth to a stillborn little girl.
This further trauma makes Julius lose all of her memory for the second time: she remembers only Klaus's name and something about the St. Sebastian.
In the meanwhile, Kerensky comes to know that Rostofsky is a spy and that Yusupov plots against him.
With all the army lined up in St. Petersburg, Yusupov is making ready to attack the seat of Government – Tauride Palace – on August 27. But Kerensky thwarts the plan reporting Yusupov's intentions to the Parliament and inciting the soviets to armed revolt.
Yusupov's illusion of a Tsarist restauration vanishes for good. Leonid urges Vera to flight from Russia with Julius. General Kornilov, involved in the plot, commits suicide.
After much deliberation about Russia, Yusupov too kills himself with a gun shot to the head.
Rostosfy accompanies Vera and Julius, both disguised as boys, to the railway station and then follows his master in death. At the station, Vera meets again Ludmil, who reveals her that Georgi Bazarov (Efrem) was truly in love with her, to much comfort of Vera.
The disclosed plot is followed by an heavy repression, resulting in alienating Kerensky from the people's favour. The Bolsheviks prevail and the October revolution begins.
On October 12, 1917, the Revolutionary Military Committee is established and on October 25, Lenin gives orders to bomb the Winter Palace, the symbol of Ancien Régime. Kerensky runs away.
Vera and Julius arrive in Regensburg and Vera takes Julius to Maria Barbara, at the old Alensmeier house.
Thus, after many years, Isaac sees Julius again.

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