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Chapter 18 (and last) – Farewell, Julius!

Regensburg, 1923.
After the incident at his fingers, Isaac continues to work at the inn of Mr. Devalt. His son, Jubel, shows a precocious interest for playing piano, but Isaac refuses to teach him.
Six years have passed since Julius came back from Russia; she still hasn't recovered from the shock of Alekseij's death. Maria Barbara asks Isaac to help her with Julius.
However, it's not Isaac but two other events that shake Julius's conscience.
The first, the news that the alleged princess Anastasia Romanoff is alive, in a German hospital; the second, that the police detective takes up again his investigations about the von Alensmeier family.
Julius has ravings about the murder of Dr. Jarn, while a thief tries to steal the key of the secret vault. Eventually, the corpse of Dr. Jarn is found in the court of Alensmeier House.
Isaak sends for Davidt, but he is disappointed when he sees that Julius is more at ease with Davidt than with himself. In the meanwhile, Isaac finally agrees to give piano lessons to Jubel.
Davidt does researches for Maria Barbara, and he conjectures – rightly – that Herr Alensmeier was the spy who ordered the massacre of the von Beringer family.
Furthermore, he discovers that the detective was related to the von Beringer and that he was in love with Frau Eleonore. Given that the alleged Anastasia has declared that the secret patrimony of the Tsar is watched by a German family whose surname begins with "A", Davids suggests Maria Barbara to open the secret vault at the Reich Bank and to verify finally its contents.
On his part, Isaak hopes that Julius would recover her memory playing the piano again; but Julius's psyche refuses to remember. W. Backhaus (see chapter 8) pays Isaak a visit and he offers him to provide for the musical education of Jubel. Isaak lets Jubel go with Backhaus: his son would thus be able to walk the main road towards art's realm.
Julius decides to open the famous secret vault and so she, Maria Barbara, Davidt and their lawyers leaves to Frankfurt; but there, much to their dismay, they are told that their key is a false.
The group can't do anything but return to Regensburg, where Julius is haunted by the thought of the knife which she used to kill Dr. Jarn. She receives an anonymous note telling her to join princess Anastasia in Berlin. Davidt believes that it is a machination of the police detective, who wanted to avenge the von Beringer against the von Alensmeier. Hearing princess Anastasia's name, Isaak remembers of Anastasia Krijkofskaja, who had told him that Klaus' true name was Alekseij Mihailovic. Davidt knew the story of Alekseij Mihailovic: he and Isaac can then reconstruct Julius's voyage to Russia at the pursuit of Alekseij, and they understand that Julius was traumatised by his loss.
Without notice, Julius goes to Berlin, only to discover that princess Anastasia has moved to Switzerland: Bolsheviks chase Russian aristocrats everywhere.
Someone begins to follow Julius through the streets of Berlin.
While she flees, Julius finally remembers of Arlaune, of Russia and of Alekseij's death.
She and her chaser meet on a bridge: he is Jacob, Annelotte's faithful servant.
Jacob pushes Julius down from the bridge, letting her drown as Alekseij did.
Then he throws in the river the true key, which he stole from Alensmeier House, in revenge for his beloved Annelotte. The secret of the vault – and of Alensmeier family – is thus sealed forever by the dark waters.
It's spring again at Regensburg. Maria Barbara has surrendered to Davidt's wooing. Davidt and Isaac, while mourning Julius, think of their past days at the Saint Sebastian and of the window of Orpheus, symbolizing "the infinite miracle of youth".
~ The End ~

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