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The magnificent three

Giovannino Guareschi


Writer, draughtsman and journalist. Born in Fontanelle di Roccabianca (Parma, Italy) on May 1st 1908 and died in Cervia (Ravenna, Italy) on July 22nd 1968. He created the little world of Don Camillo.

Gino Cervi


A great Italian actor who also dubbed films. Born in Bologna on May 3rd 1901, died in Castiglione Della Pescaia on January 3rd 1974. One of the most popular characters he interpreted in his 40-year long career is Peppone, the Communist mayor of the little village named Brescello.



You can't help being charmed by his smile! This great French actor, born in Marseille on May 8th 1903 and died in Paris on February 26th 1971, definitely contributed to making the Don Camillo saga a big success.