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Drawing has always been one of the things I love doing best since I was a very tiny human being. It makes me very happy!

I grew up watching Japanese anime and later reading manga. I was totally addicted to them...

Much more recently in my life I realised that I also love telling stories and I've been doing it since I learnt to talk.

It sounds obvious that I should have started writing comics at a very early age, but the truth is that I was too busy studying hard and then looking for a job that could give me economical independence. Boo.

I worked for many years as a full-time front-end web developer in London, UK. Currently I am trying to find a way to live in Scotland because I fell in love with its landscapes!

In my spare time I happen to be a professional slacker and a talented procrastinator. When I am not faffing around in the internet (darn social networks!) or hiking and enjoying the weather in the great outdoors, I am probably eating a lot of vegetarian food, going to the gym, or sleeping. This makes it quite challenging for me, to respect a deadline for a personal project.

Yet, I badly need some creative time in my life and somehow I even managed to finish some of the works I started. I was so proud of myself that I decided to share these works with the online community. You're welcome ;)

All right, there is also another reason why I created this website. Feedback is a great motivator, whether it is positive or constructive... In other words... Please be nice and send me your comments! :) Thank you!!!

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I am planning to print some of these comics, though you will always be able read them online for free.

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