Francesca Mancuso

My background is varied, and learning something new always makes me happy.

I studied humanities at the high school, falling in love with languages and cultures, and especially Greek and Latin.

I used to dream to study languages at University or to attend an Art Academy, but ended up graduating in Materials Engineering.

As a University student I spent all my spare time self-teaching html and css so I could build my own websites.

After graduating I left my lovely Italy to spend a year as an au pair in London and to have real chances to learn more about web development.

I was supposed to move back to Italy but I spent 9 more years in London, working as a web developer.

Then I fell in love with the Scottish culture and great outdoors so much that I moved up North... I am often wondering what's next! 😁

The only constant in my life has always been my love for drawing, painting and storytelling. I didn't attend art schools and I know I still have to learn a lot, but I also know that this is how I can express myself best and what I enjoy doing most.

This site contains a small collection of some works I made.

Please use the contact form to ask for information, send feedback or just say hi.

In any case, thanks for your visit!