Maya no Garasu no Kamen

Maya no Garasu no Kamen. Fanart by Francesca Mancuso, showing Maya holding a glass mask. Painted with watercolours.

People wear a mask
fragile like glass
and hide their true face.

In October 2001, the first volume of Il Grande Sogno di Maya, (i.e. the Italian version of Garasu no Kamen a.k.a. The Glass Mask) was published in Italy.

Since then, every month I looked forward for the next volume to be published.
I discussed every new volume with an enthusiastic group of people in an online Italian forum. We shared fan arts and fan fictions as well.
My passion kept growing and growing and since there was not a comprehensive website I self-taught how to make websites and worked very hard in order to share as much information and passion as possible with the world.
I wrote all the synopses of the published volumes and the other stories, I scanned all the images of merchandise I had, I gathered information and asked for help. Later, I had precious collaborators helping me with translations from Japanese. It's been an incredible amount of work but also a priceless experience.

Sadly, the manga hasn't come to an end yet and there are often years to wait between one volume or another.
But I still love this work and owe so much to it.
I met some of the best people in the world thanks to this adventure and I am still in touch with many of them.
One of the first people I met convinced me to move to the UK from Italy, which was a big change in my life.
Also, I ended up working as a web developer for several years thanks to the experience I gained.
Last but not least, my website became well known among the world-wide fandom of The Glass Mask. I still receive thanks for my hard work, which is the best reward and makes me really happy.

This fan site is my own humble tribute to Suzue Miuchi's masterpiece and it's dedicated to all the fans in the world. I know it's old and should be redesigned, but I don't have the time and energy to do that, even though I do my best to keep the content updated.

Special thanks from the bottom of my heart to all the people who supported me, helped me and contributed to this website. :)

♥ Maya no Garasu no Kamen ♥

by Francesca

Online since March 10th 2003