Opening and ending themes

1984 ANIME

Opening Theme: "Garasu no Kamen" by Mariko Ashibe

Ending Theme: "Purple Light" by Mariko Ashibe


Opening Theme: "Calling" by B'z

Ending Theme 1: "Polar Star Kimi Dake Shinjite" by Harubara Yuuki

Ending Theme 2: "Happiness" by B'z


Opening Theme: "Hikari ni Naritai" by Maho Hoshino

Ending Theme: "Zutto Kimi no Soba ni Iru" by Masahiko Namioka

2005 ANIME

Opening Theme 1: "Promise" by Candy

Opening Theme 2: "Zero" by Aiko Ikuta

Ending Theme 1: "Yasashii Sayonara" by Aina

Ending Theme 2: "Step One" by Sister Q

Ending Theme 3: "Sunao Ni Narenakute" by Splash Candy

Ending Theme 4: "Hello Hello ~ Another Star" by Core of Soul


A big THANK YOU to:
SHION and GIKO for the great translations of the new anime lyrics Promise and Yasashii Sayounara.
SHION for correcting the OVA lyrics (Hikari ni Naritai and Zutto Kimi no Soba ni Iru) and for the lyrics of Zero (new anime) and Hello Hello ~ Another Star (new anime).
BBIRIRI for the lyrics and translations of Polar Star (drama).
CORI for the lyrics of Step One (new anime).
ECCHAN for the lyrics of Sunao ni narenakute (new anime).
GEOFF TOZER for his excellent translations of Zero (new anime), Sunao Ni Narenakute (new anime), Step One (new anime) and Garasu no Kamen (old anime).
GIANNI for telling me about Cori's site :)
GO for translating quickly and perfectly Calling and Happiness by B'z (drama) and Hello Hello ~ Another Star (new anime).
JUNKO for the lovely surprise: the translation of Purple Light (old anime).
KATE for helping me with the old anime lyrics (Garasu no Kamen and Purple Light).
YASUKO for correcting and supervising part of this page.
...I'm the luckiest fan of Garasu no Kamen since I got to know you!


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