Glass no Kamen Fan Art

~ Fan Art by Glass no Kamen Fans ~


Copyrights belong to the fanartists. Please respect their work. You are not authorized to use these files for other sites.

Fanartists signed with a * edited original images: Hoai Mai created some nice wallpapers with Suzue Miuchi's illustrations, Rosichan and Amidala beautifully colored and eventually modified some black and white drawings by Suzue Miuchi. Cramen occasionally used some original drawings in some of her fanarts, Emer Kenobi partially used some drawings of Suzue Miuchi sensei in her lovely compositions. Also some of Tenken Smile's works are edited original drawings.
Suzue Miuchi has the copyrights for the original images, but I think she would be happy to see what a great job fans did with her works! No copyright infringement intended.

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