Summaries of the tankoubons and the Hana to Yume chapters since volume 41


Dear fans, here you can find my synopses for all the tankoubons of Garasu no Kamen. It took me a very long time to write them... I really hope you'll enjoy them! I know my English is way far from being perfect, and I am always happy to improve my work! So please don't forget to write me for any comments, suggestions and corrections :)
Please remember that these synopses can't replace the manga, so even if you read them and later you have a chance to read the tankoubons, don't hesitate! The manga is much more beautiful than any synopses: thanks to the wonderful drawings of Suzue Miuchi sensei you can fully enjoy the performances of Maya and Ayumi, and the hot scenes with Maya and Masumi can't be expressed only with words! I hope these synopses just arouse your curiosity!
Please don't forget that I am translating from the Italian version, so there might be some (hopefully slight) differences from the Japanese original text. In any case, I always welcome any comments.
Last but not least: please, respect my work! If you need to copy some texts from this site, ask me for permission and give me credits.

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For a very quick reference you can check this page: Tankoubons - Quick Reference. Click on each volume number for the summary.

Hana to Yume

Following are the "unofficial" chapters, i.e. the pages published on "Hana to Yume" and "Bessatsu Hana to Yume" after each tankoubon was published, starting from n.41

Amour du Chocolat

A 38-page "Garasu no Kamen" S. Valentine's story written by Suzue Miuchi as part of a chocolate menu (2016).

Amour du chocolat - synopsis

Murasaki no Bara no Hito


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