Andre vs Masumi

After all, they are not that perfect...

André Grandier Masumi Hayami
Andre Masumi
Born in France, on August 26th, 1754 Born in Japan, on November 3rd, 1951
Poor. Rich.
Servant. President of a very important company.
Grandchild of a servant of the Jarjayes family. His step-father is rich and important, his mother was a servant. His natural father used to work in a building site and he died when Masumi was 2 years old.
Oscar's family mantains him. He mantains Maya.
Handsome (though one-eyed). Handsome (may be too much! He's surrounded by women!).
Passionate, impulsive, but also sweet. Apparently cold and distant. Repressed.
He would wait for Oscar for a lifetime! He's engaged to a woman he doesn't love!
He will always protect Oscar, even by risking his own life. He will always protect Maya, but keeping anonymity.
Jealous: he could punch someone who's trying to kiss Oscar! Jealous, but Maya will never know that, as he suffers in silence.
He almost poisoned and raped Oscar! He's responsible for the death of Maya's mother and he also kept Maya prisoner at his place!

...And still I adore both! And I bet I am not the one!



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