Garasu no Kamen Lyrics

"Zutto Kimi no Soba ni Iru" by Masahiko Namioka

OVA version - Ending theme

Original lyrics English translation
Yoake ga kuru
Hora katagoshi ni
Arata na hi ga noboru

Kimi no nayami ga
Ikiru chikara e to
Sotto kawaru you ni

Kimi wa arukidaseru
Kono nagai sakamichi

Boku ga itsumo chikakuni iru

Zutto zutto
Kimi wo mamoritai
Dare yorimo
Zutto sobade
Kimi wo mitsumete iru yo
Donna tokimo
The dawn is coming with its lazy rays
The new sun is rising

Your troubles and life will change peacefully

You have stepped on such a long road

I will always be near you

Always wanting to protect you
more than anyone else

Always watching over you
No matter what the season


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