Garasu no Kamen Lyrics

"Hikari ni Naritai" by Maho Hoshino

OVA version - Opening theme

Original lyrics English translation
Motto tsuyoku motto atsuku
Motto kagayaku hikai ni naritai
Itsuka kitto zutto hikaru
Tatta hitostsu no
Hikari ni naritai

Donna ni tokiga nagaretemo
Iro asenai negai ga aru ne
Sore wo yume datte yobundayo ne?
Kono te wo nobashi senobi shite
Mada todokanai haruka na hikari

Hoshii monotte istumo tooine
Dakedo watashiwa akiramenai kizutsuitatte

Ah katachi no nai houseki kono te ni suru made
Motto takaku motto mabushii
Motto ookina hikari ni naritai
Kimi no tame ni kimi wo terasu
Pyua ni kirameku hikari ni naritai
To become stronger, to become even hotter
To become more glorious,
I want to become the light
One day, I will shine
I would like to become the only light

No matter how long time flows
My hope will not fade
Is this really called a dream?
I will extend my hands with everthing I have
And I still cannot hold on to that far away light

The thing that I want is very far away
But I won't give up, even if I get hurt

Ah, until that falls into these hands
I will rise higher and I will become even more glorious
I would like to become a greater light
For you, I want to shine on you
To become brighter, to become the light


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