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Unofficial version serialised in "Hana to Yume" between tankoubon 41 (December 1998) and tankoubon 42 (December 2004).

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Remember that Suzue Miuchi is changing the story when re-writing the official volumes. What happens in the story I summarized below may never happen in the after-42 volumes (and we have already seen in the 42nd that many scenes have been cut off). I created this page because too many fans asked me to tell them about it, and because even if I prefer the official story, there are some cool scenes. But you are warned, do not be disappointed if you never see those scenes in the manga volumes!

Masumi plays Isshin.

Maya and Sakurakoji can't work well together at the rehearsals. Maya is in love with Masumi, Sakurakoji with Maya. Kuronuma suggests that they have to date, and indeed it seems to work. Maya is not sure about her feelings, but she wants to forget Masumi and not to be alone. Maya's and Sakurakoji's performances as Akoya and Isshin get better and better... But, one day un unexpected visitor arrives at the rehearsals: Masumi Hayami! Maya suddendly gets confused. Nobody understands what is happening, but Kuronuma. He asks everyone to go out of the room, except Maya and Masumi. Then he asks Masumi to play Isshin. Needless to say, Maya's performance is full of passion, as the dialogues perfectly describe Maya's and Masumi's situation. The scene is very involving. Masumi is astonished, wondering if it's Maya or Akoya who talks to him. They watch at each other with loving and dreamy eyes. Until Kuronuma stops them. The enchanting atmosphere is definitely gone.

Masumi in love.

Masumi can't concentrate on his work and he makes many funny mistakes, he looks very clumsy, as he has never done before... Mizuki and the other people around can't help seeing how absent-minded he is! But they think this is related with his upcoming marriage with the beautiful Shiori.

Ayumi's sad destiny.

While Maya's passion and feelings are perfect to perform Akoya, Ayumi's technique is much better than Maya's when they have to interpret a plum tree blooming. Both the girls have something to work at. But, a terrible accident happens. Ayumi is hit by a heavy lamp, and soon she starts losing her sight gradually. At the hospital, the doctor confirms the terrible destiny of Ayumi: she will become blind! She will have to give up her acting career! Ayumi's days are really sad. She can't help crying and being depressed. She tries to visit all the places she can until she can see them. You can't help feeling her sorrow. But she is determined to show her fans and rivals that she is doing well.

The Indian dancer.

Maya gets an invitation for a date with the purple rose fan. She doubts he will be there, and still she dresses up beautifully. As expected only Hijiri shows up. They look at a great performace by an Indian dancer, which will help Maya to understand how the goddess moves. Hijiri looks at Maya and he smiles tenderly: she has become more beautiful and mature! Unexpectedly, Maya blushes at his compliments. She can't deny being in love, but... The man she loves always makes fun of her, he considers her like a child, and he's already... Hijiri tries to ask her for his name, but the girl can't tell him. But...
Please tell my fan that he will always be the most important one in my life, no matter who he is!
Hijiri is very surprised and upset. Is it possible that Maya is in love with Masumi? Or is her in love with the purple rose fan, even if she doens't even know who he really is?

Chigusa's encouragement.

Chigusa Tsukikage's health conditions are hopeless. It's only a matter of time. But the woman is quiet and satisfied: her job is done, in 6 weeks the tryout for the Crimson Goddess will take place. Genzo is very sad.
Thanks to Hijiri, Masumi is informed about Tsukikage's bad conditions. The young Hayami is very worried. If the sensei dies before the tryouts, Ayumi will be chosen and Maya will have no chances. He must help Maya!!!
To find out Chigusa's comments about Maya and Ayumi, Masumi makes
the chairman of the Japanese Drama Association visit her old friend Chigusa Tsukikage at the hospital.
Maya needs to release her heart and be the true herself.
What does it mean? Masumi keeps wondering what he can do.
Later, Maya gets a phone call from Daito Movies Department, asking her to star in a movie. They say Masumi Hayami thinks she can't compete with Ayumi, so it's better not to waste her talent and time trying to get the role of the Crimson Goddess. The poor girl can't believe that! Unexpectedly, Maya runs to Masumi's office. She's really angry! At first, Masumi tells her about Tsukikage's health conditions and about her intention to leave the role to Ayumi: Maya will be nothing after Chigusa's death if she doesn't accept a role in the movie. Masumi expects the same usual mad reaction from Maya. But the girl has such a sad look, and she cries quietly. She doesn't accept the offer and she gently goes away. Masumi is upset. Why didn't his plan work? Where is Maya's usual energy?
While Ayumi is trying to practice again and again even if she can't see, Maya feels completely lost. All her dreams disappeared: The Crimson Goddess, Chigusa Tsukikage, Masumi Hayami... She's got nothing! So, she decides to visit her sensei at the hospital. Genzo doesn't allow her to enter her room, so the girl hides in the park. Chigusa notices her, and she lets her hear some encouraging words: she will survive to see the two performances; it's Maya who showed her that a strong determination can make miracles happen, and the impossible become possible!

Maya visits the valley of Kurenai Tennyo again.

Maya decides to visit the Valley of the Crimson Goddess again. And guess who she meets? Eisuke Hayami! She still doesn't know who he is, and she talks to him friendly, helping him to walk around. Eisuke asks her why she is not practicing in Tokyo and the girl talks to him about the man she loves. Eisuke cheers her up, though he notices there are some similarities between that man and his son Masumi. Maya is not the only one who confesses her feelings: Eisuke cries while thinking of the Crimson Goddess! Anyway at last the visit to the valley helped Maya: finally she's got her own Crimson Goddess!

Utako Helps Ayumi.

Utako finally finds out Ayumi's secret. She wants her daugther to give up acting but at the end she can't do anything but help her. She will be her personal teacher while a substitute (Yuka Ogawa) will take part at the researhals with the other actors. If Ayumi gives up, the substitute will take her place in the play.

Masumi is injured to protect Maya.

Incredible news! The date of the tryout will be scheduled two weeks in advance. This is good news for Maya (maybe Chigusa Tsukikage will be alive by that date!), bad for Ayumi (less time to practice!). Maya can't help thinking that Masumi must be responsible for this change. But why did he do that? Masumi has worked long hours. While getting to the car in the garage, he sees Maya. The girl came to ask him if he is the man who helped her by changing the date of the tryout. Obviously Masumi denies, and she seems to believe what he says. In the meantime, three men with a baseball bat and a knife approach. They were probably hired by a company who already made several threatening phone calls to Daito Art Production. They want to give a lesson to Masumi by hurting Maya, but Masumi defends the girl with his own body. Maya cries and screams and a security man arrives. Masumi asks him not to call the police: he doesn't want Maya to be involved. The security man leaves unconcious Masumi in his office and he asks Maya to take care of him. In the meantime, Shiori makes a phone call (perfect timing!) and the security man tells her about the accident. Maya is alone with Masumi in the office; she cries and she confesses her love to him, while cleaning off blood from his face with her own handkerchief. Then, she kisses him on the forehead. Masumi can feel something even in his unconsciousness.
Suddendly Shiori gets in and she sees them. She is rather confused and worried; she screams and she orders Maya to leave. Shiori didn't forgot the photo album she found in Masumi's bookcase...
When Masumi wakes up, Shiori immediately tells him that Maya ran away, scared. Then, the words Masumi heard from Maya were just a dream? Maya's handkerchief is still on the floor...

Shiori investigates.

Back to everyday life. Maya rehearse, Masumi and Shiori prepare for their marriage.
One day, something unexpected happens: Shiori invites Maya to a flower arrangement show. She asks questions to Maya, and she informs her that she saw her photos! Maya is surprised:
I sent my photos only to my purple rose fan!
Purple rose fan? Shiori wants to know more about him.
Oh, he's just a fan sending me purple roses...
Maya runs away at the end of the conversation: Shiori is too beautiful and elegant and worth while marrying!
Mizuki arrives at the flower arrangement show and she asks Shiori what Maya and her talked about. The answer is:
Oh, just about Masumi's accident and about her fan. Someone sending her purple roses, just a simple fan...
Mizuki is offended:
He's a very important person to Maya, not just a simple fan!
Shiori is more and more worried! And she is not far from discovering the truth!

Finally Masumi is informed by the security men about what happened the night of the accident. One of them kept Maya's handkerchief; he saw that Maya was standing by him while he was unconscious, crying and taking care of him, and that she was sent away by Shiori. Masumi is upset. It was not just a dream!

Shiori gets back to Masumi's private cottage and she finds the photo album in the same place where it was found the first time. In its last page, the woman finds the evidence she was looking for:
For my purple rose fan.
Shiori's mind is restless. She is determined to stop Masumi and Maya.

Tokyo Bay Cruise.

Mizuki accidentally sees Maya's handkerchief in Masumi's inside pocket. There are some blood stains on it. By asking the security men for info, finally she gets to know for sure why Hayami has been so absent-minded in the last days!
Later, Mizuki goes and watch Maya's rehearsals. The girl talks about love, and she thinks about Masumi. She can't help crying and Kuronuma has to call for the end of the day. Mizuki is surprised to see Maya that way. In private, she asks the girl if she is in love, but Maya denies. Anyway, when Mizuki tells her that Masumi is impatient to see her performance, and that he postponed his marriage after the tryout day, Maya can't hold back her tears and she runs away...
In the evening, Maya gets a phone call from Kuronuma. The director invites her to talk about the play at the Tokyo Bay Port, in a two hour-cruise. Kuronuma asks her to wait on the ship while he is going to buy some cigarettes. At the same time, Masumi arrives at the port and he starts looking for Kuronuma: Mizuki left a message about an appointment with the director. Finally the two meet. And they soon understand that everything was organized by Kuronuma and Mizuki.
Since they can't get off the ship, Masumi asks Maya for a date. Unexpectedly, the girl blushes and she doesn't say no! They're a bit embarassed. Maya orders an alcoholic drink: she doesn't want to be considered a kid any longer! They toast to Kuronuma who made that possible. Then, they talk about Masumi's marriage, and Maya understands that Kuronuma just wants her to face reality: Masumi is going to get married soon!
Two strangers ask Masumi to take a photo of them, and they take a photo of Masumi and Maya in return. The photo will be sent to Maya's address once the film is developed. Masumi overhears the backchats about the difference in age between Maya and him. He is not too happy about that, while Maya finds it funny. The girl will keep that photo as a sweet memory of that evening.
The couple spend some time talking pleasantly and staring at the sea.
It's amazing, every time I am with her, my heart is in peace.
Suddendly, Masumi gently puts his hand on Maya's shoulder. Maya blushes and she doesn't dare to move or to speak. They feel that once they're off the ship, the dream will be over and the cruise will only be a happy memory of them.
After a candlelight dinner, it's time to get off. But before separating, Masumi shows Maya the handkerchief and he asks her if she was with him the night of the accident: even if he was unconscoius, he heard something and he felt something. He wants to know the truth. Maya doens't want to talk to him about that night. She tells him that she was worried for his wounds, but that was all. And she asks a question to Masumi: even if what he heard and felt was not a dream, what would he do? Masumi can't answer that question. Then, Maya thanks him for the unforgettable night. She promises him that she will do her best at the rehearsals; she reminds him that he will get married soon; finally, she takes a bow and she goes away. Masumi can see tears on her eyes.
Maya... Is it possible?
Kuronuma sees Masumi's look and he understands everything. He's very surprised! This is not what he wanted to get when he organized the meeting! Later he calls Masumi to apologize for standing him up, but Masumi thanks him for what he did! Kuronuma explains him why he organized everything and how the results were the opposite of what he expected. He also asks Masumi to come see the tryouts: Maya will act only for him, and Akoya's love will be Maya's love for Masumi, just translated on stage.
Masumi Hayami is at home. A house maid finds Maya's handkerchief and she asks him if she has to wash it or to throw it away. Masumi gets mad and shouts at her not to touch it. The woman is upset by his overreaction; she puts it in Masumi's room. Shiori enters and she sees the handkerchief, then she is informed about everything. She's more and more worried.

Hijiri helps Masumi.

Maya has a date with Hijiri at the Alice Restaurant. Hijiri notices something weird in Maya's behaviour. In fact, Maya asks him to say to her purple rose fan that he is the person she likes most, whoever he is; and that if he's someone she used to hate, this surely was because of a misunderstanding. Then, Hijiri offers to arrange a meeting with the purple rose fan, two days later. Maya can't believe what she has just heard! She is happy to accept!
Hijiri persuades Masumi that the best thing for himself and Shiori is being honest. Masumi tries to leave Shiori, but the woman runs away crying and screaming. She doesn't want to give up. She gets to Masumi's cottage to take Maya's photo album, and she finds a note: now she knows the place and time of the date!
Hijiri organized everything: he even booked a double room!
Maya is waiting with Hijiri at the hotel. Masumi is driving his car. Both are impatient to meet! This will be the night of truth!

The missed date.

As soon as Masumi arrives at the hotel where Maya is waiting for him, he gets an emergency call. Shiori tried to commit suicide by cutting her veins! Masumi feels guilty, it was all his fault! He immediately gets back to his car and orders the driver to drive faster to reach Shiori soon. Masumi's car loses control and it finally crashes on a wall.
In the meantime, after a long waiting, Hijiri drives Maya in tears back to her apartment. Rei informs her friend immediately about Masumi's car accident. Maya's reaction is unexpected! She calls Mizuki to know where the hospital is, and she takes the train to visit Masumi. Rei can't believe what is happening, anyway she goes with Maya. Shiori's family gets the same info. Shiori faints as usual.

Maya's feelings.

At the hospital. Shiori is the only person allowed to visit Masumi. She feels guilty for what happened, and she is determined not to leave Masumi to anyone else. She hates Maya, whose name is even whispered by unconscious Masumi. When Shiori gets out to thank the visitors, she sees Maya. She lets Maya know that Masumi was speeding to get to her (Shiori's) house, and Maya starts crying. Rei scolds her friend. Anyway, Maya doesn't want to go home. She confesses her feelings for Masumi to Rei. The following day, after being informed by a nurse about Masumi's better health conditions, Maya and Rei get back home. Masumi wakes up, and Shiori apologizes for what she did. She promises him that she will never leave him.
Maya visits her mother's grave. She confesses her love for Masumi to her mother, and she keeps in her hands the photo which was taken on the night cruise in Tokyo Bay.
I am very sorry, mother... I like him.

Hamil in love.

Peter Hamil always observes Ayumi and he takes photos at her. One day, he finally finds out that there's something wrong with her eyes. He enters her room with a trick and he manages to make her confess. But he can't do anything to make her change her mind. His project was to make Ayumi famous worldwide, but there is probably something else he is not aware of yet... He's attracted by Ayumi, he takes photos to her only, while there are so many beautiful actresses in Japan. Is this love?
Later, Hamil gets back to the Undine studio, to see Ayumi. The actress asks him to play Isshin and to watch her performance, in complete darkness. Hamil is more and more involved. He supports Ayumi more and more, and he always follows her at the rehearsals.
Rumours about Ayumi's blindness grow. Utako cancelled all her shows from the schedule to help her daughter.
Some reporters are at the studios, trying to investigate and to interview actors and doctors. Ayumi pretends to be fine, and she walks toward the elevator, counting the steps. She is going to the doctor. Hamil immediately reaches her and he tells her that there's an 'Out of Order' note posted on the elevator door. The reporters are watching her: they will understand that she can't see! The only way out for Ayumi is to let Hamil date her. So they walk together, her hands in his arms, laughing cheerfully.
Come, tell me. How do you say 'Je vous aime' in your language?
The reporters are astonished.
Definitely Hamil is in love with Ayumi. Ayumi is not too touched by his confession, but this all someway helped her to get closer to Akoya's love.

At the hospital.

Mizuki gets back to the hospital and she sees many businessmen in Masumi's room. Definitely Hayami recovered completely! She enters the room to talk to Masumi and she accidentally sees Shiori's wrists bandaged.
When Mizuki is finally alone with Masumi, she asks him to tell her what happened. Masumi tells her everything. He tried to be honest to himself and to Shiori, but now he's trapped: he chose to be responsible instead of honest to himself. But what about Maya? He has never be honest to her! What has he done to that girl?
Maybe it's better that she never finds out who her purple rose fan is.
Mizuki is disappointed: she thought the traffic light had a chance to get green...
Shiori was hidden and she heard the whole conversation. She holds the key of the room of the hotel which Masumi was going to spend the night in...
Maya arrives at the hospital, but Shiori doesn't let her enter Masumi's room. The evil woman suggests that Maya should hate Masumi for the death of her mother, but Maya denies. Then Shiori insinuates that she might want some help for the selection of the Crimson Goddess! Enough is enough. Maya gets away, leaving to Shiori some flowers and a envelope containing the photo taken during the night cruise in Tokyo Bay and a short message. Shiori sees everything: she is shocked! She tears the photo into pieces before giving it to Masumi together with the flowers. Masumi thinks that Maya did that and he is very upset. Also, his nasty fiancee tells him that Maya was mad: she found out that the rights of the Crimson Goddess were bought by Daito and that the actresses list was set internally by him. Maya will never forgive him for stealing the Crimson Goddess from her and for killing her mother! Actually, this is what Shiori heard from Mizuki's and Masumi's conversation, but sadly Masumi believes it's Maya's words. He tries to put the pieces of the photo together but some parts are missing. Shiori looks at his face and she is more and more furious. She will never leave him to anyone else!

The last present from the purple rose fan.

At the Kids Studio Maya gets some presents: a single purple rose. A message saying this will be the last one. And her photo album, which she sent her purple rose fan some time ago. Maya is shocked: she trembles and cries and her face turns pale. Everyone at the studio gossips as usual. Kuronuma has to stop the researhals again. Maya and Sakurakoji continue to rehearse the final scene alone at the Kids Studio. Maya can't concentrate and she confesses to Sakurakoji that the purple rose fan abandoned her. Suddendly Sakurakoji kisses Maya and she can't reject him. After kissing Maya, Sakurakoji runs out of the room. Maya is pale and she blames herself for not being a good actress and co-star, while holding the photo album tight. Then she tries to tear it, but she doesn't manage to do that. So she throws it against the wall:
I don't need you anymore!
Maya calls Hijiri and she leaves a message. The only thing she can say is: goodbye... And then she starts crying again.
The next day at the Kids Studio. Hijiri is hidden, watching the rehearsals. He asks for info and they tell him it's a special training for Maya, as she can't recover from the shock she had after getting the purple rose the day before, together with a letter and package. Maya and Sakurakoji are more and more involved in their performance. Hijiri finds the photo album and the last letter in Maya's dressing room.
How can this be? Why did he do such a stupid thing?
Maya and Sakurakoji go on practicing. Everyone at the studio notice that they're getting closer. Are they falling in love?
Hijiri is watching everything.

Ayumi's love.

Hamil keeps supporting Ayumi, and when she finally decides to be operated he is always by her side. Day by day, Ayumi opens her heart to the photographer. It's the first time someone has seen her cry... The actress can understand Akoya's feelings better and better. She finally gets what was the difference between Maya and her. Now, she is determined to perform "Kurenai Tennyo" more than ever!

Maya's feelings written in the play script.

One day Maya meets Masumi and Shiori walking arm-in-arm; they ignore her. The girl is so shocked that her performance at the rehearsals is even worse than usual.
Hijiri visits Maya and he encourages her: her purple rose fan has to hide his feelings, but he will always be her fan! Then, Maya decides to give Hijiri the play script of "Kurenai Tennyo", with some lines highlighted with red:
Those lines represent my feelings for him.

Masumi is at the opera with Shiori. He acts as if she didn't exist... Hijiri meets him and he gives him the play script.

Masumi is a workaholic. He never has time to date Shiori, who is mad at him for this reason. And he doesn't feel like reading the play script which Maya sent him. But Hijiri finally persuades him.
To my purple rose fan. These are my feelings for you.
Masumi reads the lines. He is shocked. He asks Mizuki for her opinion, and her smart secretary tells him that Maya is simply in love with her purple rose fan.
Masumi is very absent-minded and he acts clumsily even at work. Mizuki suggests him to keep encouraging Maya as the purple rose fan.

Sakurakoji meets Masumi.

Sakurakoji tells Masumi that Maya can't concentrate during the rehearsals because of her feelings for her purple rose fan. The young actor adds that he will perform a true love on stage, and Masumi encourages him, hiding and repressing his feelings...

Masumi tries to help Maya...

Masumi feels responsible for Maya's problems. He decides to leave his job for a week, to help Maya as her purple rose fan. He enters Kids Studio with a bunch of purple roses! But, he provokes Maya: he says that the flowers were for an other actress, and that since he couldn't find her, he gives them to Maya.
Chibi-chan, do you act only for your purple rose fan? He would be disappointed for sure! As soon as he abandons you, you lose your passion for theatre? Are you such a low-ranked actress? Ayumi would be upset if she knew that!
And he throws the flowers to Maya. Maya is angry and sad. She picks up the bouquet and throws it to Masumi, telling him that she hates him!

Masumi visits Ayumi at the hospital, and he tells her that Maya is doing great at the rehearsals... Some time later, Ayumi runs away from the hospital to rehearse more and more: she doesn't want to lose to Maya.

"Kurenai Tennyo" will be on stage soon. Masumi, with the help of Mizuki and the chairman of the National Drama Association, invites Tsukikage to Tokyo. Kuronuma asks Maya not to act for a while. Watching the other actors rehearse, Maya feels like acting more and more. But still, she cannot do a good job. Tsukikage shows up and she scolds Maya: understanding Kurenai Tennyo is not enough! She has to believe in it!
Masumi talks to the sensei:
I believe in you, Tsukikage sensei. We need your help!

... Interrupted story.

Attention! Suzue Miuchi is probably going to change this story. If you read the synopsis of volume 42, you can see it is already very different from this "Hana to Yume" after-volume-41 version. Nobody knows if the plot will be completely changed or if some of the scenes described above will appear in the next volumes. Let's hope that the next volumes will arrive soon!


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