Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Unofficial version serialised in "Bessatsu Hana to Yume" between tankoubon 43 (January 2009) and tankoubon 44 (August 2009).

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A glass of water for Akoya

Tsukikage sensei is at KID's studio to see the rehearsals. Maya is determined to do her best. She first performs the goddess who looks down at people in anger, and the other actors are so impressed that for a moment they stop. Then she becomes Akoya the woman, and everybody is amused and surprised at her spontaneity and freshness, and at the harmony between Maya/Akoya and Sakurakoji/Isshin.
At the end of rehearsals, Maya is still in trance. Tsukikage sensei brings her a glass of water and calls her Akoya. The young actress thanks her as if she were Akoya. Later, Tsukikage explains to Genzo that she called her Akoya because she was still in Akoya's role.
Back at her place, Maya tells Rei and Sayaka what happened. Her friends are disappointed because the sensei didn't praise Maya, but Maya is happy and feels that Tsukikage sensei gave her that glass of water for a reason.
Tsukikage sensei is ready to go to Ondine's studio. She reminds Genzo of what they discussed in the valley of Kurenai Tennyo (about Maya being currently better than Ayumi) and Genzo hopes that he will understand what he meant by watching the 2 actresses rehearse.

A glass of water for Ayumi

Ayumi rehearses in front of an astonished public. Only Hamil and Tsukikage sensei don't look pleased. After the performance, Tsukikage sensei offers her a glass of water as she did to Maya, calling her Akoya. Ayumi just accepts the glass of water. The sensei goes away immediately, and the young actress, puzzled, asks Genzo what happened. Genzo tells her how Maya was still Akoya when she received the glass of water... Ayumi is very worried.

Masumi Hayami has changed

Tsukikage sensei and Genzo visit Masumi Hayami in his office. The young president of Daito reassures them that he will not obstruct Kurenai Tennyo.
Tsukikage hardly believe the cunning and ambitious son of Eisuke Hayami will just watch the performance... Masumi reveals that he is determined to take away Kurenai Tennyo from his father, transferring the rights for it to the winning leading actress with a contract. Tsukikage points out that if the main actress is Maya this will be difficult, since she hates him for being responsible for her mother's death. Masumi is deeply upset by those words...
Well, I know this very well. She will never forgive me, Tsukikage sensei, as you never forgave my father.
Yet he claims he will never do anything to hinder Maya's career and he only wants to be the one who puts on stage the real Kurenai Tennyo.
Tsukikage sensei is very impressed. Later she tells Genzo that Masumi Hayami changed and wonders what happened to him.
The cold fire in his eyes disappeared...
In his office, Masumi Hayami despairs. He is sure Maya will never forgive him and he cannot believe she is in love with her purple rose fan, whom she never met.
It's the first time I've suffered so painfully...

Thinking of the purple rose fan

Maya is reharsing but she cannot play the part of Akoya in love with Isshin. Kuronuma asks her to think of her purple rose fan: the experiment is successful!
Sakurakoji thinks that even if now she is in love with her fan, whom she has never met, one day she will fall in love with him, who is always by her side.

Ayumi's accident

Ayumi is rehearsing and is concentrated on how to win over Maya. In the meantime, an actor stumbles on an electric wire, causing a spotlight to fall down. To prevent the spotlight from falling on a girl, Ayumi jumps to push the girl away, and the spotlight hits her instead. Ayumi falls down and hits the floor with her head. Even though she has vertigoes and she cannot see for a while, she claims she is fine. But the following day she wakes up and her sight is blurry...

Ayumi's parents' success

Ayumi's parents are in Paris, attending an award ceremony at an international festival. They won prizes as best actress and best director. At Ondine Company everyone is excited about the news. Once more, some people comments that Ayumi is lucky. The young actress is annoyed and more and more determined to show her talent by winning the role of the Crimson Goddess.
The rehearsals start again and Ayumi fells down, almost fainted. Onodera is worried, but Ayumi insists that there is nothing to worry about.
At home, Ayumi makes a telephone call to her mother to congratulate on her and her father's success. Her parents are very busy and will not be able to see her for a while, but her mother encourages her. Ayumi toasts to her parents alone.

Shiori's discovery

Shiori meets Rei and Sayaka at a theatre and invites them for tea.
She enquires about Maya's purple rose fan and the two naive actresses give her a lot of info, included the fact that Maya gave her Daddy-Long-Legs her photo album and her school diploma.
Later Shiori visits Masumi's holiday house in Izu and finds not only the photo album but also the diploma.
Now there is no room for doubts any longer.
Back to the Kids Studio, Shiori looks at Maya and Sakurakoji rehearse. She understands that everything Masumi has done so far was actually to support Maya. Upset, she wonders why Masumi accepted to be engaged to her. Her hostile feelings for Maya grow stronger and stronger.
I will drive Maya out of your heart, Masumi, at any cost.

Ayumi needs help!

At the rehearsals, Ayumi feels worse and worse. Vertigoes, nausea, strong headache. She realizes that she cannot go on rehearsing if she feels like that, and she decides that the following day she will go to the hospital.
While going out of the changing rooms, suddendly her sight goes blank. She tries to call her mother with her mobile phone, but her mother is at a party and she cannot hear the phone ringing. Suddendly Ayumi's headache gets so strong that the young actress faints.

Maya's and Sakurakoji's rehearsals

Maya and Sakurakoji do not understand Akoya's and Isshin's feelings.
They cannot play the scene of the dramatic separation of the two lovers in a convincing way and Kuronuma is not happy with their performance.
Sakurakoji is asked to raise a real hatchet against Maya like Isshin had to do against the plum tree, that is the woman he loved, to build the statue of the Goddess.
Sakurakoji gives up and eventually apologizes to Maya.

Maya meets Eisuke Hayami

Maya goes to the Japanese National Theatre Association to ask the president where Tsukikage sensei is, but the president is not in.
On her way out, the young actress meets Eisuke Hayami.
They are very happy for the unexpected event and go to an elegant café to eat a parfait. Maya is surprised to see Eisuke enjoy so much the big ice cream and he confesses he has hardly a chance to do it; so he thanks Maya for giving him the chance: he wouldn't go to a café alone. Maya then offers to pay next time they have an ice cream together! Eisuke almost chokes!
Maya explains to Eisuke that she is looking for Tsukikage sensei to ask for advice, and the old man tells her he saw someone looking like Tsukikage and gives her the directions.
Time to part. Eisuke almost loses balance when getting into the car from the wheelchair, even if helped by some of his employees. Maya promptly supports him by the arm, and the old man, impressed by her kindness, smiles to her tenderly.
In the car, one of his employees asks him how he could eat that big ice cream, exchange mobile phone number and email, but Eisuke asks him to shut up... He's got tummy ache! The man remarks that he never saw Eisuke so amused, and Eisuke admits that Maya is a lot of fun. He wonders how it is possible that his son Masumi has been knowing her for 7 years and has always remained unmoved.
The old man decides never to reveal his real identity to Maya.

Maya visits Tsukikage sensei.

Maya gets to the place Eisuke Hayami told her about. It's a traditional Japanese house. The name of the president of the National Theatre Association is written above the door bell.
Genzo opens the door and explains to Maya that the president of the National Theatre Association let Tsukikage use his second house.
Maya enters and finds Tsukikage sensei talking to Masumi Hayami. Maya and Masumi look at each other, upset.

Shiori's madness.

Takamiya's place. Shiori took Maya's photo album from Masumi's holiday house.
She is crying and tearing all the photos into pieces.
She wonders if Masumi's obsession for Kurenai Tennyo is actually connected to his feelings for Maya. She is determined to take Maya away from Masumi's heart at any cost.

Ayumi is at the hospital.

Ondine Theatre. The rehearsals are being held without Ayumi. There are rumours that Ayumi is having special training. But Hamil is not convinced.
Onodera in his office is very angry: he knows the truth.
Ayumi is at the hospital, her eyes covered with bandages.

... To be continued.

Attention! This is the summary of the pages published in 4 items of Bessatsu Hana to Yume, the monthly manga magazine, published by Hakusensha from January 26th 2009 to April 25th 2009.
Some of the scenes were rewritten in volume 44.


Original story by Suzue Miuchi. Synopses by Francesca.
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