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Very appreciated comments found in the internet.

Working on and mantaining this website took (and it is still taking) a lot of time and effort. Anyway, I am very proud of it, and happy to share everything I have and I feel with fans from all over the world.
The best rewards for me are the nice messages I receive from visitors (email, guestbook, social networks).
Also, sometimes I accidentally find that someone wrote about this website and/or recommended it. Those people never contacted me, but I happened to find their messages in the internet and it was a really nice surprise. So I created this page to thank them.
Thank you all, you made me very, very happy.

PS. Believe me, I didn't pay them to write those nice things :)

Thank you!

This conversation between ayiex_bunda_alden and glassmask_manga_anime in the comments for an instagram post (August 17th 2021)

@glassmask_manga_anime yes..... That's really lovely chapter.... You can read all of the synopses at the Maya garasu no kamen blog. [LINK TO THIS WEBSITE]
The synopses is really completed.... I had read all of them... And it have the synopses from next book that I had ever read... But I still wait for the real book
@ayiex_bunda_alden I love this blog. It's perfect! The blogger has invested so much time & effort. She's amazing 😍

Alchemists Daughter, on Batoto (May 22 2016)

Great story, but very frustrating to have an author who publishes so seldom. I found synopsis of chapters not online at [LINK TO THIS WEBSITE], posted by a fan in Italy. I'm a little miffed this isn't in English somewhere and grateful to this Italian fan who published her synopsis in English.

Newshawk, on The Anime Network (August 22 2010)

Also, since it was so hard for me to research Glass Mask, let me give you links to what I consider to be the best resource for the anime and the manga it is based on: [LINK TO THIS WEBSITE]

Mariana, Mangasync Forum (August 23 2005)

I read profile of Masumi and Maya in this website: [LINK TO THIS WEBSITE]
warning: this website contain spoiler (I love this website, thank you Francesca!)
And it says....

"Maya: Born in February 20th, 1963
Hayami: Born in November 3rd, 1951"
Oh.... my..... could this be real

Thiris - Garasu no kamen (May 2 2005)

aniwae.. warming thanks to dreamsaddict... wad a great and updated site.. keep it up!! (July 2005)

Thank you, Francesca. I've never imagined that there would be someone like you. Thank for your patience so much.

Desk Yamazaki - Blog

The one of the most popular Mangas,"Glass Mask". I was really touched to see her English fan site about this, especially to see the her point of view in "Characters". There are lots of fan drawings and pictures as well.

The Manga Translation Index

Miuchi Suzue Official Homepage [LINK TO SUZUE MIUCHI'S WEBSITE]
All you would like to know Miuchi Suzue and her works, interview, illustrations and most of all 'The Glass Mask' or Garasu No Kamen. Famous throug out Asia, US and her biggest fan is in Italy. And more.........

English Version [LINK TO THIS WEBSITE]
No better place to look up the 'Glask Mask' in English than here...Trust me, I know.

Roxanne - Weblog (April 4 2004)

"I've been re-reading this series of Japanese manga (in Chinese) -- from vol. 1 on to 41 -- a few are missing *sniff*. I'm still so fond of the story. It really should be translated into English and introduced to not only Manga lovers but also people who are into theater. I'll have to do an entire entry explaining this series (Mask of Glass) and my obsession. For an obsession it surely is: for the past 20 odd years and for an unfinished story, nonetheless. To get a sense of the story and the level of obsession this series can cause, visit this site from Italy"