About Me

Who's the crazy fan who created this site?

That's me!
Name: Francesca
Nicknames: Happysmile, Dreamsaddict
Zodiac: Libra, Earth Horse
Location: Trieste (Italy ♥); London (UK); Edinburgh (UK)
Blood type: 0+
Loves: Drawing, painting, hiking, making websites, listening to music, writing, reading books and comics, learning new things, the sea, the sun, art, Europe, Japan, postcards, stamps, cultures, myths and legends.
Dreams: Writing a graphic novel, making websites for a living, learning Japanese, travelling all around the world, Meeting Riyoko Ikeda and Suzue Miuchi :)
Blog: The Greeting Cards Slave
Online comics: Comics by Francesca Mancuso
Illustrations portfolio: Colours and Dreams
DeviantArt: Dreamsaddict
Twitter: just_francesca
Random facts:
  1. One of my emails was published in the last page of the 32nd volume of Garasu no Kamen, Italian version (May 2004)
    Glass no Kamen, Italian version - my email
  2. My website was mentioned in Japanese magazine AERA, August 28th 2017, in an article for Glass no Kamen's 40th anniversary!
    Interview on AERA, August 28th 2017
  3. I sent one of my illustrations for the exhibition for the 40th Anniversary of Glass no Kamen at Sendai Literature Museum (October 6th 2018 - November 25th 2018) and it was one of the 3 works chosen by Miuchi sensei to receive an autographed postcard!
    Glass no Kamen Fan art at Sendai Literature Museum, October-November 2018