Let me introduce the main characters of this wonderful story.

Maya MAYA KITAJIMA (北島 マヤ)
The heroine of the story... She looks like an average girl, awkward in some occasions, but her heart bursts with passion. Acting is her life, and nothing will stop her. But... When you will understand how important your secret admirer is for you, Maya?
Masumi MASUMI HAYAMI (速水 真澄)
The allegedly cold, heartless president of Daito Art Production... To tell the truth he's someone who needs so much love... One day he meets a passionate girl, 11 year younger than he is, and his life will never be the same... Well, it will take him a long time to realize and to admit this!. I think he's the most intriguing and charming character...
Ayumi AYUMI HIMEKAWA (姫川 亜弓)
She's the same age as Maya. She is a beautiful, smart, elegant, rich, and talented actress. She understands that Maya is her only rival from the beginning, but she's loyal and fair and she respects her. Everybody must love her, as she is a fair player and works hard to improve her skills.
Utako UTAKO HIMEKAWA (姫川 歌子)
Ayumi's mother. She's a very famous and talented actress and she's married with a famous producer. Like her daughter, she also recognizes and admires Maya's talent (do you remember when she kissed Maya on stage? I love that scene!)
Onodera HAJIME ONODERA (小野寺 一)
Producer and director for the Ondine company. He's an evil man, always by Masumi Hayami's side. He's really nasty, scrupleless and he thinks only about business.
Mizuki SAEKO MIZUKI (水城 冴子)
Masumi Hayami's secretary. I think she's one of the smartest characters. She's the first one who has understood Masumi's feelings for Maya. Maybe she's jealous, but she's rather discreet and reserved. She truly respects and admires Masumi, and would love to see him happy.
Sakurakoji YUU SAKURAKOJI (桜小路 優)
He's one of the first friends Maya met in the story. He's not from Tsukikage Company, but from the Ondine Company (the same company where Ayumi is!). He loves Maya but he's jealous of her only interest, i.e. acting. He told Maya about his feelings, but for Maya he's just a friend: she has a crush on Satomi... So their friendship ends... At least, for a while... Will Sakurakoji be able to date the girl he truly loves?
Satomi SATOMI SHIGERU (里美 茂)
Maya's first boyfriend (Masumi! You're jealous, arent' you?). Anyway, Satomi and Maya's love story won't work, because Satomi's manager will ask Maya to let him go and not to ruin his career (after the death of Maya's mother and Maya's troubles)... Poor Maya!
Tsukikage CHIGUSA TSUKIKAGE (月影 千草)
The Dark Lady... Once she was a great actress, but an accident on stage ruined her face and her career. She wants to create a perfect actress who can play 'the Crimson Goddess' as she used to do... You guessed it, Maya and Ayumi are the only 2 candidates.
Taiko Sayaka Rei Mina
Rei Aoki (青木 麗), Sayaka Minazuki (水無月 さやか), Mina Sawawatari (沢渡 美奈), Taiko Kasuga (春日 泰子)... The first friends Maya met when she went to the Tsukikage's company. Even if there are some misunderstandings, they will still be friends when Maya is not a colleague any longer...
Maya's Mother HARU KITAJIMA (北島 春)
Maya's mum. She works in a Chinese restaurant and she doesn't believe in her daughter's talent. When Maya runs away from home in order to attend Tsukikage's school, Haru tries to take her back home, but her daughter refuses. Even though Haru seems to abandon Maya forever, she always thinks of her only child until the last moment of her own life.
Hijiri HIJIRI KARATO (聖 唐人)
Masumi Hayami's faithful employee. Nobody knows him at Daito Art production. He's got many important secret tasks, and since Maya saw him deliver her purple roses, he's been acting as intermediary between Maya and her secret admirer...
Shiori SHIORI TAKAMIYA (鷹宮 紫織)
A very rich and (allegedly) beautiful woman, engaged to Masumi Hayami because of their families' will. She's terribly shy and weak, and she's got a persecution mania. There are fans of Garasu no Kamen who pity her (for what?), while I'd just love to strangle her with my own hands! Her favorite hobby is fainting when Masumi is by her side (better if Maya is watching them)... No comment.
Eisuke EISUKE HAYAMI (速水 英介)
Masumi's ruthless step-father. He's been obsessed by the play 'The Crimson Goddess' since he saw Chigusa Tsukikage's performance. He's got no feelings and interests but for business. He made Masumi become unhappy and repressed.
Kuronuma RYUUZOU KURONUMA (黒沼 龍三)
A famous producer. He's rather original, moody, extremely strict but also very talented. His play 'The Forgotten Wilderness', where Maya played a girl who grow up like a wolf, was a big success. He will direct Maya's group in the competition for 'the Crimson Goddess' while Onodera will direct Ayumi's group.
Chigusa Tsukikage's faithful assistant and admirer. He's very worried for her health and always by her side.
An american photographer who is a big fan of Ayumi. Will he manage to win her heart?

Main characters


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