Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this page before writing me :)

When will the next volume of the manga be out?
Oh, I wish I knew! As soon as I get the BIG news, I will update the News page.
How many volumes will it take to get to the end of the story?
I hope not too many. Hana to Yume version was getting too long indeed. There are rumours that the official story will be cut shorter. Let's pray!
How will the story end?
*LOL* If I knew that, I would be Suzue Miuchi!
I'm sorry, even the 2005 anime has an open ending...
Will Masumi and Maya get married?
Haha this MUST happen. Suzue Miuchi IS a nice person, ne? In the past Miuchi sensei suggested that Maya will *not* win both in love and in her career, but later she said she wants Maya to be happy. We all know what can make Maya happy ;)
Who will perform Kurenai Tennyo?
I think Maya deserves the role most, but I also love Ayumi. I hope they will have a fair competition till the end. And I hope that Maya will win :)
Into what languages has the manga been translated?
Mmmh, it's already written in this website (check The Masterpiece page). As far as I know, only into: Chinese (HK and Taiwan), Thai (Na Gak Kaew), Korean (Yuri Kamyun), Indonesian (Topeng Kaca), Vietnamese (Mat Na Thuy Tinh), Italian (Il Grande Sogno di Maya). There are some English and French scanlations in internet though. If you know more info, please contact me.
What is the Hana to Yume version?
Garasu no Kamen was first serialized in the manga magazine "Hana to Yume". The boards were later collected into 41 tankoubons. Anyway, many boards in the last tankoubons were re-written by Suzue Miuchi, so that in the tankoubon story there are some differences from the original one. Moreover, after the 41st volume the story went on for thousands of pages in "Hana to Yume", and those pages were never collected into official tankoubons. When the 42nd volume was published, many fans who read the "Hana to Yume" version were surprised: the story was quite different! In this site you can find a synopsis of all those unofficial after-volume-41 boards. Please remember that I worked hard, getting info from many sources in internet, but I did not read "Hana to Yume". If you think there are some incorrect or missing parts, feel free to write me!
On July 26th 2008, Hakusensha published some after-42 boards in Bessatsu Hana to Yume. Once again, some parts of the story were changed in volume 43, published on January 26th 2009. In this site you can find the synopses: of the after-42 pages in Bessatsu Hana to Yume and volume 43.
The same day when volume 43 was published, a new issue of Bessatsu Hana to Yume, with some after-43 boards was published! And the same happened on August 26th 2009, when volume 44 was published together with some new pages on Bessatsu Hana to Yume.
And so on...
Where can I buy...?
Please don't ask me that. I am not selling anything and I am not affiliated with any shops. Anyway, if you wish to buy online Italian manga or anime I can help you with the language. Useful links:
Can you buy the manga/anime for me?
Sorry, but no.
Do you want to be pen pals?
Well, I am always happy to meet new friends. I always reply to nice emails. But I must say that I am too busy with the website, work and my life (yes, sometimes I have one!). So, I can't write often. Sorry!
Please let me know when there are any news/when your site is updated!
I used to say yes, but you're too many! Please go to the Contact me page and join the mailing list. You'll be notified at every update and you can unsubscribe anytime.
Can I send you some fan art / fan fiction for your website?
Waaah! You don't have to ask! Just SEND please! I LOVE fan art and fan fiction!!!
How do you find all the time and energies to work at your site?
Good question. I have no choice! It's my passion and my obsession :)
Can I help you someway?
Haha nobody ever asked me that question, but in my dreams. Anyway, anyone can help me with my site:
  • You can send me fan art and fan fiction.
  • If you are Japanese or understand Japanese I DO need your help:
    • to translate information and Hana to Yume chapters
  • If you are English native speaker:
    • feel free to correct my poor English :)
  • If you are a non-Japanese fan of Garasu no Kamen and the manga was translated into your language:
    • did you read in my site wrong/missing info about the publication of the manga in your country?
    • can you help me to find the scans of the manga covers?
    • please contact me!
  • Needless to say, I always welcome corrections, suggestions and info :)
Is Suzue Miuchi alive and fine?
Oh, my! Of course she is. She's having many interviews and she's very busy. She supervises plays, anime versions, events. She is working at the manga right now! Don't believe stupid rumours please.
Please, can you write to Suzue Miuchi?
Huh? Of course I can. I already did and I might do it again. But I have no more chances than you that my emails will be read. Actually, since I don't know Japanese, I doubt she ever read my emails :( Unluckily, I do NOT know Miuchi sensei in person, I am just a crazy fan!
Can I use part of the text or some images for my website?
Sigh! I wish this was a FAQ. Actually, in 99% cases, people steal without asking. Anyway, for the 1% who asks, the answer is YES, of course. I have to ask you NOT to direct link images and to give me credits. And if possible, to link back to my site. Thank you very much!
You used images from another website, didn't you?
NO. If there are the same images as mine in other sites, they stole them from me. I personally scan and edit images, or I pick them from video files. Texts are written by me, otherwise I give credits to the authors. If I use anything form other sites, I ask for permission and give credits. I wish all the webmasters did the same!


I worked very hard to create this website. When other people collaborated I gave them credits. I do not own the copyrights for the original work. Please if you intend to use some content for your website, ask me for permission first and give me credits. In any case, please do not direct link images and do not use anything for commercial purposes. Please, respect other people's work!