Conversation between Suzue Miuchi and Shingo Fukushima

Summary by Giko Clark

Mrs. Miuchi's points.

  1. In acting, manga, or lecturing, the interaction with the audience is important. It is in a way playing an emotional catch with each other.
  2. In acting, the timing is essential. That is the timing to come out to the stage, to say a particular line, etc. For example, you should come out to the stage when the emotion of the audience is properly heightened, and their expectation has become the strongest. In other words, actors must be able to read the emotion of the audience.
  3. When I started manga, I had no experience in theatrical art. But when I saw a theater production in Tokyo, I became infatuated and started "Nao..." Then I started researching by reading books, watching to variety of stages, including small productions.
  4. I even write the entire scripts for plays set in my manga, even when only a few scenes of it are going to be used. It is because the background of the story is very important. Even an existing play is being used inside my manga, I would think of details such as stage layouts, props, costumes and type of directing. For such inside-manga plays, I used so much idea originally saved to create different mangas, which would have been worth 2-year contract.
  5. Acting and manga creation are similar in a sense that you are immersed in the character you are acting or creating. For example, when drawing an angry face, my face also looks angry.
  6. In theater, the quality and the power of voice are also very important in order to effectively communicate with the audience.
  7. Actors should be able to create an atmosphere that feels natural and relaxing for the audience so that they can communicate with each other and share the experience and grow together. If actors can create illusions successfully, it gives happiness to me.
  8. In manga, characters are important. It depends on the character whether or not readers can get into it emotionally.
  9. The lack of first-hand experience in stage acting gave me audacity to create something extreme and extraordinary in my manga.

Mr. Fukushima's point

  1. On stage, I can feel the audience's emotion. Together, we feel complete. We complement each other's feelings and heighten the excitement.
  2. The audience is pleased, when we actors meet their need and expectation.
  3. "Glass Mask" was my textbook in acting.
  4. Actors themselves need to relax in order to relax the audience.
  5. I would be matured as an actor when I can create a character in my acting that would allow the audience to emotionally get involved with.

Thank you very much Giko, you are a very special person!


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